30 Days Of Night: Dark Days Coming Faster Than You Think / Niles Talks Adapting Story

Producer Robert Tapert (Drag Me to Hell, the Evil Dead series) told Shock Til You Drop that the sequel to 30 Days of Night, Dark Days, is coming along much faster than you might think. He recently told the site that "Ben Ketai is up in Vancouver now getting ready to shoot. I think principal photography is coming along in two weeks. It's a really good script."

The site also spoke with co-creator / producer Steve Niles a while back about the adaptation process for the film and what we can expect. First, he addressed the "subplot involving two New Orleans characters trying to expose the vampires existence (that) never made it into David Slade's feature film." This is what he had to say about that:
"The first movie established the vampires fear of exposure, that the fact that nobody believes in them is their greatest strength, so now, we just had to accelerate that. In the new movie, we had to start with what happened in New Orleans. We just moved that storyline from the original book to the beginning of this new one. There's some evidence of what happened in Barrow and Stella Oleson is out there trying to spread the word just like in the Dark Days comics."
Niles also addresses the question of whether or not the vampires will talk in this film, since they did in the comics. Here was his reply:
"Yes, I have them doing what I originally wanted which is speaking all languages."
He also went on to talk about some of the other changes and details that had to be reworked to make the graphic novel work as a movie:
"Well, the first thing, I have a scene where there's a plane and with everybody dead on a tarmac from the vampire attack. And Guillermo Del Toro just did it in 'The Strain' [novel], which is going to wind up on the screen and I thought, 'Okay, skip that.' We're going to be accused of stealing it from them or vice versa. It's a big set piece in the novel, so we had to lose that and little adjustments like that. Also, the one character Judith, who's the woman, we lost her and she had to be replaced with somebody else. I'd say there's about as many changes as there were from the first graphic novel to the first movie, but not as drastic. We'll get a lot more of the vampire lore. This is the arc that introduces us a friendly version of those creature things. That was one of the challenges, how do we make one of these guys even remotely sympathetic? It's going to be a lot of fun."
Well, I don't know about everybody else out there, but I'm anxiously awaiting this flick hitting the streets. I absolutely love the comics and the original 30 Days movie is the reason I got back into comic books. I thought the first film was a masterpiece of a vampire movie. I mean, the vampires were actually brutal, mysterious, and scary. They weren't romanticized and all brooding.

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