Check Out The Kids At The Astro Boy Advanced Screening

The studios and their promotional partners are always looking for fun ways to help promote their upcoming films, and the advanced screening for Astro Boy at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas was no different. At our screening on Saturday, October 18th, an L.A. Looks stylist was on hand to fix all the kid's hair to look like Astro Boy to help get in the spirit of the movie. They were giving away t-shirts to everyone who had their hair done as well. Mark Walters from BigFanBoy.com brought the kids up to the front of the theater auditorium in a group to show off all the girls and boys that participated. Thanks to Levenson & Hill, Summit, L.A. Looks, and Studio Movie Grill for putting together the great event.

I'd have to say that the Astro Boy movie seems to be a hit with the kids. After the movie, my three year old was begging me to get some of the old cartoons so he could watch Astro Boy at home on TV. I also went to take his Astro Boy t-shirt off to get him ready for bed and he said that he didn't want to take it off. He wanted to wear it forever. Nobody tells the truth like a child, eh? (Article and pictures by Eric Shirey)

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