Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander Talk Lost Boys 3

The lucky guys over at Bloody Digusting had a chance to chat with actors Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander about the upcoming Lost Boys 3: The Thirst at the Chiller Eyegore Awards in Hollywood, CA. Here's what the Frog Brothers themselves had to say about the upcoming direct-to-DVD movie:
“Let’s not get carried away,” Feldman laughs, “My influence will definitely be there, I don’t want to take more credit than I should because at the end of the day it’s a creative process and there are many people that work together as a team that work together to try and make the best product possible. But, what I’ve been doing is really been listening to what the fans want,” he adds, “I’ve had my fingers on the pulse of it if you will. Number one, more than anything, what they want to see is this guy (points to Jamison Newlander) back in action.”

“In talking to the fans, I see fans from around the country, but they wanna see the Frog brothers,” Newlander says with a huge smile. “I’m excited to be back!”

“It’s the return of the Frog brothers officially, we can say that, and I can tell you that we are definitely amping up everything including the storyline,” Feldman continues talking about really giving the third film some juice. “That’s a very important piece of it. Last time, people liked the second film, but they didn’t LOVE it. For us what’s really important is that the fans get everything they want out of this situation. We want there to be more scares certainly - we may have missed the mark on the scare-o-meter last time around - more comedy, because I kinda wasn’t funny, and basically the music is there…Truth Movement is lending some music this time around, which is really exciting for me, hopefully the fans will enjoy that too. I think that it’ll be more riveting, with more vampires, more blood, more hot chicks, more scares and more Jamison Newlander...”
I really do think that this quite possibly could be the sequel to the original Lost Boys everybody was hoping for with Lost Boys: The Tribe. Feldman really does seem like the kind of guy that really does want to give the fans what they want. I heard him talking to the guys who write Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash at Texas Fear Fest and he truly is a horror dork at heart.

When veteran vampire hunter Edgar Frog (Feldman) finds himself destitute and almost friendless, he thinks his life has hit bottom - but wealthy vampire-romance novelist Gwen Liebling offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and rescue her son Peter from the Alpha Vampire D.J.Dusk. With the help of his friends Zoe, Lars and Blake, Edgar heads into a bloody battle to exterminate evil.

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