EXCLUSIVE! MGF Tours Zombie Manor!

We got a chance to head out to DFW's premiere haunted house last night over in Arlington, TX. As soon as we got to Zombie Manor, we were met by a screaming lady being chased by a scarecrow dragging a sparking shovel on the ground.

Upon entering the front foyer, you are immediately hit with images of chattering crazy clowns, skulls hanging by chains, and other wonderfully gruesome things. I don't want to give anything away, but I will definitely tell you that I would find it very hard to believe that anyone entering the Manor would walk out with their bravery still intact.

These guys do a really great job at providing some pretty gory and disturbing imagery, yet keeping it fun. There are some really cool parts of the walk-through that are very unexpected.

If you're looking for a cool scare experience with a zombie twist and you don't feel like hitting the same old same old Jason / Freddy / Michael Myers-themed haunted house, you'll definitely want to check out Zombie Manor.

The Manor will be open Friday, October 30th from 7PM to 12AM and Saturday, October 31st from 7PM to 12:00AM.

It's located at 7501 Hwy 287 in Arlington, TX.

Friday night they are having a special promotional event that is being hosted by the people behind the upcoming horror / comedy Transylmania. Be sure not to miss this!

Check out their website here.

More pics here:

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