Horror Remix Presents ZOMBIES 2 - Oct. 30th!

Horror Remix Presents… ZOMBIES 2
2 Hours of UnDead Madness!

Friday, October 30th 10PM

Alamo Drafthouse
Austin (Lake Creek)

Alamo Drafthouse
Houston (West Oaks)

Studio Movie Grill
Addison, TX (North Dallas)

Studio Movie Grill
Dallas (Royal)

Yes, yes ya’ll. Zombie films. The formula is very simple; an environmental catastrophe occurs in the opening sequence and for the next 90 minutes, the living are trying to avoid a zombie attack. It’s a rock-solid formula that’s extremely popular, but unfortunately most zombie flicks lack an inspired punch. However, every few years someone dares to inject some life into a mostly stale genre. Not necessarily groundbreaking; it just seems the filmmaker gives a sh!$. Those are the zombie films we love. Just because zombie films are brain dead, doesn’t mean they can’t have heart.

The Video Dead (1987)
The Video Dead starts off with a wacky premise and presses on a path that is hilarious and occasionally frightening. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, The Video Dead should probably be considered a horror-comedy. Normally, Horror Remix finds this sub-genre repulsive. In trying to be both, they accomplish neither. But this is no cartoon like you may find in the Evil Dead series. The comedy lies in the weirdness of the premise and the wacked-out situations the characters find themselves in.

The Video Dead walks the fine line between comedy and horror like no other. Why this film succeeds while others fall flat, I can’t say. The biggest mystery is why this classic is not on DVD.

FleshEater (1988)
FleshEater is about as straight forward as a zombie film can be. From beginning to end this is a zombie blood bath and nothing more. No cool twists. No undercurrent of social commentary. No irony. However, with the obvious budget constraints, this bright-eyed film truly goes for it. It steps on the gas, blows it out and never looks back.

FleshEater’s attempt to stick rigidly to the formula and play it simple somehow works. Maybe the entertainment lies in the casting of locals and goofy teenagers. Hey, this is classic 80s, plus it’s got a massive body count. There is no doubt that these guys put everything they had into this movie and you gotta love that.

Notable Actor: Bill Hinzman (Night of the Living Dead, the Majorettes) also writing and directing FleshEater!

So, bring your friends and GET THERE EARLY! This is a Friday show, so I’m hoping for packed theaters. And don’t forget, lots of fun extras, shorts and your puppet MCs, Cheesecake and Thunderclap. SO BAD… IT’S GOOD! and FREE!!!

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