New 3D Star Wars Trilogy To Be Released?

There is so much information bouncing back and forth about this that I'm just going to paste the articles in here for everyone to follow. I would like to say that I do believe at some point there will be more theatrical live-action films. Whether they will be during Lucas's lifetime or something his company does after he's dead is where the real speculation comes in. Here's the Marketsaw article that started it all:
Jim here. Here is a strong rumor that should whet your appetites! (or sour them if you have had too much of the franchise). I have been hearing rumblings... extremely quiet at first, but now heating up significantly and from a trusted source - that George Lucas is preparing to unleash another STAR WARS trilogy upon us, this time in stereoscopic 3D. This is NOT the TV series, these are brand spankin' new 3D STAR WARS movies.

Yes, the pending 2D to 3D conversions of his six existing STAR WARS properties are still a go as 3D theaters are approaching 3000 (5000 is the number Lucas wants). No word on when this work will be completed.

But here is the shocker: Lucas will be producing and NOT directing these new episodes apparently! Could Steven Spielberg be tapped to direct a STAR WARS movie after all? Yes according to a trusted source of mine! Further, Francis Ford Coppola was mentioned too as a possible director for a future film!

A lot depends on the success of AVATAR this winter - if it takes off like everyone is expecting it to, then you will most likely see three additional STAR WARS movies added.

What an interesting competitive box office landscape that would make over the next 6 to 10 years! James Cameron's AVATAR world vs. George Lucas' STAR WARS world. I could see Lucas getting a little jealous over a successful launch of AVATAR - jealous because it is a fully articulated universe, like his. And if he doesn't act on it - his franchise may well be relegated to a back seat as potentially the records will start falling to Pandora. Heck STAR WARS is still not 3D yet and what better way to try to maintain a lock on bragging rights than to launch into three more in native stereoscopic 3D.

How seriously should you consider these rumors? Well it is coming from a source that SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now. Will it happen? AVATAR will have to hit and hit big and then all the stars have to align properly - all I can do is pass on the info.

Personally I WANT this to happen dearly. I REALLY want to see what the STAR WARS universe looks like in Spielberg's hands *AND* in stereoscopic 3D. You would too, wouldn't you? :-)
Then, Ain't It Cool News went directly to the source (or as close to the source as they could) to find out if there was any truth to marketsaw's article. Here's what AICN dug up:

The nice folks at MarketSaw ran a hardcore rumor today, claiming a source has told them that Lucas is planning a new Star Wars Trilogy to be shot in 3-D... And that he wasn't directing, but there was rumor of Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola finally getting to make their Star Wars movies.

Yeah, so if that didn't smell already check the wording of the article...

"Well it is coming from a source that SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now. Will it happen? AVATAR will have to hit and hit big and then all the stars have to align properly - all I can do is pass on the info."

That's repeated a few times in the article, saying that Avatar has to be a success for the 3-D screens to be there or there will never be new Star Wars movies ever! So you better make sure Avatar does super good!

Sounds to me like their source is someone at Fox trying to get some people to believe that by buying a ticket to Avatar they're ensuring new Star Wars movies to me.

That said, stranger shit has happened, so I contacted Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm's Public Relations department and asked her about the rumor. This is the first response:

"Hi Eric,

Thanks for your email. Lucasfilm is not currently working on a 3D version of the Star Wars movies.


Wait... that reads like a denial of them actively working on retrofitting the Original Trilogy to 3-D. So I wanted to make damn sure what she was saying, be positive she wasn't snaking around the question, so I wrote back a clarifying email, distinguishing the OT and PT 3-D-ification vs. a whole new set of Star Wars movies.

"Hi Eric,

We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned.


That's more like it.

Now, I will say that Lucasfilm would be the last place to confirm a rumor as true... even if it is (they did that a lot back in the day... I remember them denying Ewan McGregor was cast as Obi-Wan for the entire month leading up to their announcement), but this story already stinks of untruth (especially with Coppola's name being thrown in there... read this), so I think it's pretty safe to call BS on this one... especially with Lucas so engulfed in the live action TV show at the moment.

I think the part about Lucas waiting for 3-D screens is true, but so he can restart the 3-D versions of the first 6 movies and send them out as huge rereleases not to start a brand new trilogy. I've seen the test footage of the opening of A New Hope in 3-D and it's really great. Would love to see him to follow through on that.

We have some feelers out to more informal sources who might be more inclined to confirm any truth to this rumor than a PR person, but I expect we'll turn up nada. If we do find anything else interesting we'll update this article.
I personally didn't have problems with the prequels and would love to see a new trilogy of live action Star Wars films. I would totally believe that someone at Fox is using this to hopefully plant butts in the seats of the Avatar screenings. I think the release date of Avatar is sneaking up really quick and the boys over at Fox are starting to sweat about all the overhyping they did for the movie and now know that it's expected to deliver. I, for one, am not in any way excited about Avatar. I've got a writer going to see it for a press screening, but there's no way I'm going to it and I'm sure not paying for it.

The Lucasfilm e-mails sound kind of fishy as well, though. She is blanket denying that there's any work being done on Star Wars films for 3D at all, which is just not true. Everybody knows they're working on 3D versions of the first three movies. It sounds like someone is just trying to avoid the questions. I'll tell you what find out tomorrow, as I'll be at Star Wars Fan Days and will most definitely make it a point to bring it up to Lucasfilm Fan Relations main man, Steve Sansweet. Sometimes a look on someone's face does a lot more of telling than a simple couple of e-mails.

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