New Hardware Featurette With Lemmy From Motorhead

Ah, Hardware. One of the most underrated and unseen sci-fi / horror gems of the early 90's. It's finally getting a DVD and Blu-ray release after all these years. The thing came out in 1990 and has had a cult following ever since. Now, it will be easier for even more people to be exposed to it's greatness.

Up above is a new featurette that was put together to promote the release. It features newly shot footage of Lemmy from Motorhead revisiting his role from the film as a cab driver working in the nuclear wasteland of the future. Pretty cool and nostalgic for those long-time fans. We even get a little mini-teaser trailer thrown in at the end with cool footage from the movie. Check it out. Beware, though - it has some naughty words in it from Iggy Pop's DJ character, Angry Bob.

Hardware centers around "a post-apocalyptic scavenger (Dylan McDermott from The Practice and Dark Blue) who brings home a battered cyborg skull for his metal-sculptor girlfriend. But this steel scrap contains the brain of the M.A.R.K. 13, the military's most ferocious bio-mechanical combat droid. It is cunning, cruel, and knows how to reassemble itself. Tonight, it is reborn…and no flesh shall be spared."

The movie originally came out in 1990 and was directed and written by Richard Stanley (Dust Devil). It stars Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis (Angel, Highlander, Desperate Housewives), William Hootkins (Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars), Iggy Pop, and Lemmy (from Motorhead).

The DVD hits stores on October 13th.

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