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The Vampire Lucy Cast in Slade's 'Eclipse'

Behind The Scenes Of Iron Man 2

New 2012 Film Clip

White Ghost, Black Ghost in 'Ju-On' Sequels


Int'l Press Academy to honor Michael York

Disney's A Christmas Carol Japanese Trailer

Michael Jai White Channels Dolemite In This Exclusive Video Interview For Black Dynamite

New Doctor Parnassus Clip and Poster

It's Another New Princess And The Frog Poster!

Bill Murray Isn't Busting Anything Until He's Satisfied With The Script

LR Does The Ministers Premiere

Brett Ratner Tells X-Men Haters They're Full Of Snikt!

Japanese One-Sheet for The Descent Part 2

Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Wrong Turn 3

Limited Release Schedule for The Canyon

The Lovely Bones Is Fit for a Queen

Dread Central Tours Almost Human Studios

New Sherwood Horror Poster Makes Not Merry

Trailer from The Tournament; Director Scott Mann Talks

Fall Down Dead This December

Confirmed: Green Lantern Pulls Out of Australia

Kurtzman and Orci on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Interview: Jack Huston Talks THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE and Much More!

Uma Thurman Talking To Tarantino About Kill Bill 3

Watch Wes Anderson Not Direct Fantastic Mr. Fox

Leatherface Takes Manhattan

Nathan Fillion Wants To Be The Greatest American Hero

Barney And Bob The Builder Head To Theatres

Even More High-Res Twilight Photos Take Over People

Edge Of Darkness Poster Idea Has Already Been Taken

Edge Of Darkness Trailer: Mel Gibson Wants Stryker Dead!

Besides Eddie, Who Else May Return For Ratner's BEVERLY HILLS COP Movie??

Interview: J.J. Abrams on the STAR TREK DVD and Blu-Ray Release and the Extras!

Capone talks the explosive LAW ABIDING CITIZEN with director F. Gary Gray!!!

Chris Messina makes deal with 'Devil'

'New Moon' tunes hit stores Friday

Zenescope snaps up 'Horrorscope'

'Coraline,' 'Trek' take DMACS kudos

Film Roman alums order Bento Box

Gotham hits 'Century' mark

Stars attend 'Wild' night

'Paranormal''s path to success full of twists

Close Encounters / The Island / Twilight Zone Make-up artist Bob Westmoreland dies

Oh no! The Avengers won't have the Iron Man touch

Poltergeist reboot delayed: Why not forever?

'Sad, drunk bear' inspired Where the Wild Things Are film

Eye-Popping New Stills from 'Saw VI'!


Watch 5 'Wrong Turn' Death Scenes and VOTE!

Official Theatrical One Sheet for 'The Canyon'

AFM '09: Urban Horror Pic 'Comedown' to Debut

Ridley Scott Tells Modern 'Red Riding Hood' Tale

Behind-the-Scenes of Lionsgate's 'Heartless'

'Saw VII' 3D Will Be Authentic

New Behind-the-Scenes 'Saw VI' Image, 5-Minutes of B-Roll

'The Shrine': A Visit to the Set in Toronto





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