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Full Trailer For MTV's 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16'

X-Franchise Update

Karl Urban Talks Star Trek 2

Twilight Saga: New Moon - Sneak Peek of ET Preview and Some New Photos


New Christmas Carol Featurette

Top of the Sinestro List

Two More For Thor

The Bride Is Quiet

Ashton Might Be In Beverly Hills Cop 4

Is Vin Diesel Out Of XXX 3?

Director Oren Peli Talks Paranormal Activity

Derek Mears -- Predators Official!

Stan Helsing Takes It to the Streets!

Watch Out for Mutant Pumpkins, Charlie Brown

Never Sleep Again Twitterfeed Continues!

Mother's Day Video Blog #2 and Detailed Plot Synopsis

Twilight Saga: New Moon Korean and International Posters

Iron Man 2 Mark VI Armor & Stan Lee Talks Cameo!

Jackie Earle Haley is the Green Lantern Villain?

Interview: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor and Tanedra Howard on SAW VI

Jessica Biel Says THE A-TEAM Has Lots and Lots of Humor

Producer Says Making AVATAR was Like NASA Going to the Moon, Yeah, I Can See That. Wait Wha?

Scary Movie 5 Will Be A Reboot

Kristina Anapau's First Howl Future

Jackie Earle Haley Debunks Sinestro Rumors

Spy Next Door Trailer: Jackie Channels His Inner Hulk Hogan

Dan Aykroyd Also Has His Doubts On Ghostbusters 3

Mike Mitchell to helm 'Monster Squad'

Yeoh making kung fu moves

Get Smart Producer Daniel Melnick dies at 77

Details on 'Devil' cast

Lakeshore taps 'The Living' director

'Paranormal' versus 'Blair Witch'

Abrams keeps it all in the fan family

Auds embrace 'Wild Things' on Friday - Highest October PG live-action bow with $11.9 million

What Wolverine's creator wants to see in the next movie

Meet Stargate's real-life Daniel Jackson! (video)

Bloody Clip From 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16'

'Paranormal Activity' Parties Across the Nation!

Sales Art and First Images from John Carpenter's 'The Ward'

A Hilarious Brief Chat with Amber Heard, Star of 'Stepfather' & 'Zombieland'

A Conversation with the Filmmakers and Cast of 'Saw VI'

Directors Ed Sánchez and Dan Myrick Discuss 'Blair Witch' Influence

First Batch of Hi-Res Images From 'The Fourth Kind'

Full 'Exorcismus' Casting and Synopsis

Wes Craven Gets Closer to Directing 'Scream 4'

'District 9' DVD and Blu-ray Details

SCREAM '09: Star Chris Massoglia on 'The Hole 3D' and Scary Marionettes

SCREAM '09: 'The Graves' Writer/Director Brian Pulido

SCREAM '09: Jackie Earle Haley on 'Elm Street' Surprises, Freddy's Voice and a Sequel!

SCREAM '09: Jamie King on Unnerving 'Mother's Day' Shoot

Drac Studio Talks ‘Monster Mutt’, Zack Ward Reveals ‘Last Stop’





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