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Is This The Look Of The Green Hornet?

Come Check Out These Red Dawn Set Pics

It looks like John Carter of Mars film will combine several books

Hugh Jackman Wants To Box Robots


Three actors join 'Bureau'

'Transformers 3' confirmed for 2011

'Hobbit' stays with MGM

Imax books 'Inception'

'Future Is Wild' heading to big screen

EA sets up 'Spore' at Fox

Spooky haunts family audiences - Sam Raimi's genre label to launch new banner

Jenkins joins 'Right One' remake

'Right One' gets cast

HPA boldly goes for 'Star Trek'

Psst! Wanna be in a horror movie? Talk to director Craig Singer

Guess which Zombieland star thinks it could really happen

5 minutes of 2012: cool F/X, lame humor

First glimpse of The Phantom (and his suit!) on Syfy

Nightmare producer: What's up with Freddy's burn scars, voice

Hills Run Red: Torture porn for people who hate torture porn

19 amazing Star Wars pumpkins

25 Hi-Res Stills From 'The Stepfather' Remake

Medusa's Head Hiding Within Perseus' Sack? Three Blind Witches!

Fourth After Dark Horrorfest Title Announced

'Blair Witch' Sequel Announcement Coming By Year’s End

David Goyer's Shocking 'Ghost Rider 2' News

Warner Bros. Announces 'Friday the 13th Part 2' Release Date

Stallone On Death Wish Remake Plus Cliffhanger sequel and Poe biopic

Trailer Debut: A Look at Overture's 'The Crazies' Remake!

Trailer for Widely Praised 'The Revenant'

Tattooed and Pierced Beast in CBS Films' 'Beastly'

Crazy New Images From 'The House of the Devil', Now on VOD!

Jigsaw is Still Among You in New 'Saw VI' TV Spot

Christopher Nolan auctioning set visit

Dennis Hopper sent to hospital

The Green Hornet's latest problem: A bomb scare

Get an early taste of James Gunn's superhero spoof here

Rumor control: A vampire in the new Dune?

FlashForward's Cho: Will he have to die for Sulu to live?

Cool New Images from 'Zombieland'!

The Big 'Comedown' on Six Hooligans

'Silent Hill', 'Beowulf', and 'Pulp Fiction' Writer Sentenced in Fatal DUI Crash

Ghost House Underground Trailers and Stills

Mandy Moore on Disney's Newest Princess

The Martians Have Three New Men

Cruise and Diaz Blow Up Boston

More Pics From The Fields

IFC Listens for the Deathbell - Trailer and Poster

Sid Haig to Go Straight to Hell

Third Teaser Poster - All About Evil

McTeigue on Possibly Taking on Superman

Paltrow and Johansson on Iron Man 2

Furlong Has a Role in Green Hornet?

Watch John Lasseter Explain The Origins Of Buzz Lightyear

Leaked Video From Chris Nolan's Inception

Marmaduke Voice Cast Revealed





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