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Pics of the ENTIRE MOVIE of The Wolfman (J.K. Sort of.)

New 2012 Featurette

Behind The Scenes A-Team Clip

Steve Niles Confirms 30 Days of Night 2 Cast; Talks Trilogy, Shooting Schedule & More!


Twilight Saga: New Moon First TV Spot

Murphy Wants Another Batman

Another Poster Hits The Road

Caine Talks Inception

Just Cause It's A Game Doesn't Mean It Should Be A Movie.

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Returning to Theatres

Screamfest LA’s The House of the Devil Premiere Report

Director William Malone Talks Next Project -- Phoenix Dust

Forget Me Not Duo Bring First Word on Public Storage

Dee Wallace Talks Horror -- Video Interview

Alien on an Oil Rig Gets a New Title and Trailer - The Rig

Trap Teases a Trilogy

The Vampire's Assistant Launches "iFreak" iPhone Application

Update and First Look at the Trailer for Shadow Falls Memorial

Rob Hall is Running with the Devil

See Kevin Nash and Psycho Sid as Zombies in River of Darkness

Swamp Thing Makes Akiva Goldsman's Heart Sing

Astro Boy Video Interviews

The Trailer for Lucky Luke!

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON Scene Descriptions Plus Words from the Screenwriter

Photo Gallery: Astro Boy Red Carpet Premiere

Highlights from the Scream Awards Including Megan Fox, Taylor Lautner, Tobey Maguire, Stan Lee and More!

Johnny Depp Presents 'SCREAM Rock Immortal' to Keith Richards at Spike TV's 'SCREAM 2009'

Avatar Images: Weaponized James Cameron And Alien Bikini Babes

Did Adam Lambert Just Spoil The Ending Of 2012?

Capone interviews the awesome Lance Henricksen!!!

'Scream IV' to be Filmed in 3D

'Paranormal Activity' Stars Invade BD Party, Interviews!

'Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever' Artwork, See it at Screamfest This Saturday!

Red Carpet Premiere Photos: 'Saw VI'

'30 Days of Night Dark Days' Officially Announced

Finally Some News on 'Torso' Adaptation

Exorcists Face True Evil in 'Devil's Hostage'

Nazi Slasher 'Final Solution' Makes News Online

The Ants Swarm in Final Saw VI TV Spot

Video Interview: Tobin Bell on Jigsaw's Sixth Game

Interview: 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16' Director Jacob Gentry

Teaser Trailer Debut for Lionsgate's 'Season of the Witch'

Two Clips, Trailer, Art from 'Forget Me Not', World Premiere TOMORROW!

'Automaton' Director Gets Set for 'Scream of the Banshee'

'2001 Maniacs' Sequel Retitled to 'Field of Screams'

After Dark Acquires 'Zombies of Mass Destruction'

Video Interview: 'Saw VI' Stars Costas Mandylor and Tanedra Howard

First Official Clip from 'The Descent: Part 2'

Behind-the-Scenes Video from 'Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead'

Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris join 'Rio'

Spain gives 'Saw VI' an X rating

'New Moon' shines at Rome film fest

Lasseter to receive PGA Selznick Award

Ninja Turtles snapped up by Nickelodeon

Blomkamp's next sci-fi film to MRC

Kalogridis to adapt 'Ghost in the Shell'

'Citizen' a winner for indie companies

DreamWorks gets 'Wicked' rights

Jim Sturgess joins sci-fi 'Upside Down'

Shaolin temple kicks off chopsocky pic

Europa masters 'Monster'

Chow Yun-fat to star in 'Bullets'

Twilight's 'Edward' gets smacked down (new video)

Will Charlize Theron be the next Mad Max?

Shaun of the Dead guys take on UFO sci-fi

8 reasons Cirque du Freak isn't your usual vampire movie

Tintin is Peter Jackson and Spielberg's dream movie

Astro Boy is for kids who like death, abandonment, betrayal

Is Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in trouble?

First Look: 6 New Images From Disney's A Christmas Carol

Dylan Baker Onboard Spider-Man 4





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