News Bites:


Warners Slows Down The Flash

J.J.'s Star Trek is officially the biggest ever

Deathly Hallows Will Have An "Epic" Ending

Transformers 2 Writers Out For Transformers 3


'2001 Maniacs' Cast and Crew Talk 'Beverly Hellbillys'!

Sony Screen Gems Shifts 'Priest,' and 'The Roommate'

First Images From 'The Beacon', Texas Screenings!

Promo Art for Lussier's 'Drive Angry'

Interview with 'Night of the Living Dead: Origins' Director, More Casting!

Behind-the-Scenes Car Crash in 'Mother's Day'

Red Band Clip from 'Saw VI' Returns!

Third 'REC' Teased After Successful Box Office Weekend

Promo Art and Synopsis for Russell Mulcahy's 'Bait 3D'

A Brief Interview with 'Dark Country' Director/Star Thomas Jane!

Venom Might Have a Director

New Imaginarium Trailer

Wolverine is Turning Japanese

Tim Powers Happy He Can Finally Talk About On Stranger Tides

The Losers are Looking Good

The Princess and the Frog Jumps Onto Billboards

The Lich King Rises In Warcraft Title

The First Five Minutes of The Princess and the Frog

Finally a Syfy Flick About Mongolian Death Worms!

New Die-ner Trailer and a Few Fest Dates

Halloween 3D Might Have an FX Artist, Despite Temporary Hold

Brad Anderson to Direct The Living and the Dead

Tom Shankland Talks The Children

Musical Vamp Spoof I Kissed a Vampire Debuting on iTunes

Eduardo Sanchez Talks Seventh Moon, Plans for Blair Witch 3

Kurt Angle Wrestles Kevin Nash Down a River of Darkness

Attack of the Dinocroc vs. Supergator Stills

Interview: Kristen Bell Heads for the Stars with ASTRO BOY

Interview with ERNIE HUDSON

Interview: Caterina Scorsone is Syfy's ALICE

Fox May Save James Bond From MGM

Is Faizon Love Iron Man's Next Villain?

Daft Punk Will Actually Appear In Tron:Legacy

Maggie Smith Fighting To Stagger Through The Last Harry Potter

Fantastic Mr. Fox Featurette: Still Not Buying It Wes

See Brad Pitt Get Goatee For The Lost City of Z

New Princess And The Frog Poster

Curious About James Horner's Score for AVATAR? Check Out This Brief Article from MovieScore Magazine

Disney picks up 'Reel' pitch

Adrien Brody to star in 'Predators'; Topher Grace in negotiations to join him

Paramount signs with Platinum Dunes

'Coraline' director to leave Laika

7 good things Spike Jonze added to "Where the Wild Things Are"





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