Saw VI Review

Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw's grand scheme is finally understood.

It's no secret that I love horror films. Those that know me know that I love the Saw series more than any other. I was lucky enough to get introduced to it for free at the Dallas Comic Con and had no I idea what I was walking into. After seeing that movie I was in love, but I never thought that I would be sitting here years later seeing Part 6. I have loved them all, but recognize some of the faults of a few of them. With the announcement of going to at least Saw IX, could VI keep up the great series or will it be torture to sit through?

I must say I loved Saw VI. With the various issues the previous few have had I have still enjoyed them, but VI seems to take us back. The story is intriguing and not just about the build up to the next trap. It really sucks you into the characters and trying to figure out what is really going on. This installment also has a decent message without being overly preachy. It gets the point across in spades, but at the same time it keeps the gore and creative killing factor up. The acting performances were also better than I have seen in some of them. I'm not sure what was done to make such a great movie, but it worked. There were some aspects that made me feel like when I saw the first one again, which has been missing. When walking out of the theater I was amazed at how much it made me think about the world today and it got me restless with anticipation of the next installments.

I was a bit worried with the announcement of doing 9 movies after seeing V. I loved it, but it just was lacking the edge the previous films had. VI brings it back full circle and uses the 5th film to connect to everything else, therefore making it an even better movie. How many films do you know that can make the previous film better, just by existing? Saw can and does! If you dig horror, torture, or just this series, check out Saw VI and you won't be disappointed. (review by Bobby Blakey of Last Stop Comic)

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