Star Wars Fan Days Starts Tomorrow!

Star Wars Fan Days III
October 24th and 25th
Plano Center (2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy) in Plano, TX


Stephen Sansweet - Lucasfilm’s director of content management, and director of fan relations. Also the owner of the world’s largest private Star Wars collection. Author of several collecting books. Steve is a favorite with all STAR WARS fans!

Dave Filoni - Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film director and supervising director of the TV series. Appearance may be on hold due to travel/work on CW series. More as we find out...

Don Bies - Cameo as Boba Fett, Barquin D’an, and horn player in Return of the Jedi Special Editions. Supervisor of the droid unit on Ep2, also puppeteer for R2-D2. Very talented special effects guy with lots of great stories! Make sure to attend his Q&A!


Anthony Daniels - Star Wars Saga and Clone Wars: C-3PO! Appearing Saturday only. Due to Anthony’s limited signing schedule at Fan Days on Saturday, we anticipate only VIP & SpeedPass customers will have access to his autograph table.

Ray Park - Star Wars EP1: Darth Maul, X-Men’s Toad, and the all new G.I. Joe movie Snake Eyes!

Dave Prowse - Star Wars Saga: Darth Vader, Hammer Film’s Frankenstein, A Clockwork Orange, and more!

Jeremy Bulloch - Star Wars Saga: Boba Fett, Star Wars EpIII Captain Colton, James Bond films & more!

Hugh Quarshie - Star Wars Ep1: Captain Panaka, Red Dwarf, Dr Who, and much more!

Peter Mayhew - Star Wars Saga: Chewbacca, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, and much more!

Matthew Wood - Star Wars EP3 voice of General Grievous. EP1 Bib Fortuna and also Clone Wars voices of Assassin droids, and more!

Jack Klaff - Star Wars Ep4: Red 4 X-Wing pilot, For Your Eyes Only, Space 1999, Red Dwarf, and more!

David Acord - Star Wars EP3 voice of droid GH7 and also Clone Wars voices of Rotta the Huttlet, A-4D, Pif Mukmuk, Rabbit droids, and more!

Anthony Forrest - Star Wars Ep4: Sandtrooper - “These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.” Also played Fixer in Ep4.

Nalini Krishan - Star Wars Ep2 & Ep3: Barriss Offee, Currently in production: N Guard: Defenders of Gaia.


Matt Lanter - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Anakin Skywalker, also lead star on new TV 90210.

Ashley Eckstein - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Ahsoka Tano!

James Arnold Taylor - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi! Nuff said!

Catherine Taber - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Padme, Star Wars The Force Unleashed voice of Princess Leia.

Tom Kane - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Yoda and the opening narrator.

Dee Bradley Baker - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Commander Rex, Cody, and all Clone Troopers!

Nika Futterman - Star Wars : The Clone Wars voice of Asajj Ventress!


Kyle Newman - Director of the fan favorite hit film Fan Boys.

Ken Tarleton - Fan favorite Elvis Trooper!

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