The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Title Logo Revealed!

Summit Entertainment released the title log artwork for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Twitter. Check it out above. I have high hopes that this chapter of the Twilight saga will probably be a bit darker than the first two, considering that the man behind the camera, David Slade, directed 30 Days of Night and most definitely knows how to treat vampires on film. Obviuously, I'm not hoping for something as intense and graphic as 30 Days, but maybe he can add some cool elements of darkness to the project.

Slade is always pretty regular on his Twitter and revealed the other day that filming on the movie is winding down:
"Last day on the battlefield, shot a huge day, tomorrow there may be a party, while battles ensue on mountain tops..."

It's just a few weeks before high school graduation, and although most girls Bella Swan's age would be focused on what to wear to the big dance or how to pass Calculus, Bella has a few more important things on her mind. Now that she's been reunited with her vampire boyfriend Edward, Bella must decide whether --- and when --- to join him and his coven, to forsake her mortality (and her friends and family) to live, like Edward, forever.

Bella is finally thinking a little about the implications of her decision to become a vampire and even standing up to Edward's dominating, overprotective tendencies. Edward is an old-fashioned guy. He won't turn Bella into a vampire unless she marries him first, and the idea of telling him she's getting married at 18 is more terrifying than admitting to her future transformation. Bella would also have to move far away from her beloved father during their dangerous "newborn" vampire period, when she would be unable to control her bloodthirsty urges. And then there's Jake, the werewolf who finally pledges his love to Bella.

Is she really ready to leave him behind? Bella does feel some urgency for this decision, though. She has made some enemies who would be more than happy to harm her while they still can. What's more, there's a newborn vampire on the loose in Seattle, terrorizing humans and threatening either the Cullen family or Bella herself. Clearly, time is running out while Bella hesitates.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is directed by David Slade and stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

The film is set to be released on June 30th, 2010.

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