Want To See Paranormal Activity In Your Small Town? Then Get To Clicking!

If you're still crossing your fingers and hoping that Paranormal Activity will hit your small town or a city near you soon, then you might want to uncross at least one set of those fingers and start to working that mouse on your computer. Here's how it's going to happen:
Thrilled by the growing fan demand and sold-out shows for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY across the country, Paramount is dedicated to YOU in bringing the film to its growing audience.

We are committed to releasing the film nationwide in every city, big or small, as soon as 1 MILLION demands are reached.

In addition, one lucky fan will be selected from the list of many demanding the film to receive a VIP screening of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in their home town with the film’s director/writer/producer Oren Peli.

The 12 new markets where the film will open this weekend due to your demands so far at www.Eventful.com/ParanormalActivity are:

Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, El Paso, Hampton Roads metro area, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Toronto.

College students represented an overwhelmingly large percentage of the film’s online demands.

In response, Paranormal Activity will open at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a special thank you to the college audience.

For a list of theaters playing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY visit the official site at http://www.ParanormalMovie.com.

Thank YOU for the continued support – your voice is being heard!

Every demand counts in releasing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY nationwide.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY not playing in your area?

DEMAND IT! Bring it to your city by reaching the 1 MILLION demands mark.
There you have it. If you want it to come to a theater near you, then get to working NOW!

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