Zombie Walk For Zombieland Screening

As has come to be expected from Loyd Cryer, organizer and promoter for Texas Frightmare Weekend, the Zombie Walk in celebration of the sneak preview of Zombieland was a huge success and pretty much went off without a hitch. Well, besides the buckets of rain that came down on the Dallas area, but then magically stopped right when it was time for the 300+ crowd of bloodied and partially decomposed zombies to make their mass exodus from Blockbuster to the Studio Movie Grill at Royal Lane.

It seemed like there was at least half a dozen haunted houses on-hand, all giving away discount passes to their establishments for the Halloween season. One of them, Zombie Manor, was more suited to the theme of the night. They showed up early and helped people apply zombie makeup and get ready for the walk and festivities.

Two different screens had to be utilized for the event because of the monstrous (pun intended) turnout. As soon as they filled up one theater, they started on the second one. I was in the larger digital room, which was apparently where all the pre-movie festivities were happening. First, Loyd gave away three sets of passes to Texas Frightmare Weekend to the best zombie costumes. There was a Hunter S. Thompson and a zombie bride that won.

Right before the film started, a group of zombies lined up on stage and down the sides of the theater. Suddenly, they broke into a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. This performance definitely did a great job of gearing the crowd up for the movie to start.

Overall, the whole Zombie Walk event was a blast and everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time. Thanks to all who attended and made it such a huge success. A special thanks to Loyd at Texas Frightmare Weekend, Moroch, Zombie Manor, Studio Movie Grill, and everybody else who promoted this event and made it such a memorable night. (Article by Eric Shirey)

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