30 Days of Night: Dark Days Producer Talks Shop

Dread Central had the good fortune to talk to producer JR Young about the upcoming straight-to-DVD sequel 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. He spoke about the special effects, taking the vampires and carnage from the darkness of Barrow to the sunny locale of Los Angeles, the casting, and if we can expect to see Return to Barrow adapted for the screen if all goes well. Here's an excerpt of the interview:
“This is a very edgy film. (Director) Ben (Ketai) knows this world. I think it comes natural to him.

It (the novel) was the jumping off point. Having Steve (Niles) aboard as the co-writer with Ben Ketai has been great because they’ve been able to forge the story already knowing that world intimately. What is also cool is that we are all fans of the first film. (Director of the original 30 Days of Night) David Slade, who’s currently up here shooting the third Twilight movie, took the vampires (in 30 Days) and really brought them into their own. How he treated their movements and look is something we all loved, so all of those elements have been translated into this film - keeping the vampires in tune with the first one and keeping the characters and story loyal to the graphic novel.

What has been fun and what I think will be very different is that here we are in an urban and gritty environment (sunny Los Angeles), versus small town Barrow. The color palette of this film is different. We have yellows and amber tones due to the setting, which you didn’t see so much in the first film, so it’s drawing from all of these pre-existing things, but in its own way it’s becoming its own.”
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