DVD Straightjacket - Santa Buddies

Special Features:
Sing Along To A Christmas Carol With The Buddies and All-New Music Video

Santa Claus and Santa Paws consider the dilemma of the Great Icicle that is melting due to the waning of the holiday spirit around the world. It’s up to the loveable retrievers, D-Dawg, Buddha, Budderball, Rosebud, and Mudbud to help Santa Paws' son, Puppy Paws, realize his importance of bringing the magic back to Christmas.

Puppy Paws runs around the North Pole getting into trouble. When Claus and Paws punish his bad behavior, he is feeling frustrated and self involved like any typical youngster who just wants to play without accepting responsibility. After finding Budderball on Santa’s naughty list, he hitches a ride on a magical mail truck that picks up Santa’s letters all over the world. He arrives in Fernfield, WA in hopes to discover what it’s like to live like a real dog. The five sibling dogs live in the same town and have regular meetups in the park. They are not in the holiday spirit either. They try to show Puppy their homes and their lives, but lose patience with Puppy when he disrupts their households. When the dogs realize that it’s themselves that are lacking in generosity to their new friend, it’s too late as Puppy is captured and put in the dog pound.

It’s here that Puppy meets some homeless dogs who have not lost the hope of being adopted. In a cringe-worthy musical number the littlest dog, Tiny, sings a Buddies movie version of Annie’s Tomorrow. Once Puppy starts thinking of more than just himself and his needs, he accepts his fate. The Great Icicle reforms and the spirit of Christmas is once more.

In this fourth outing in the Air Buddies series, they cover your typical family and life issues aimed at small children. There’s a scrooge-like character, a dog catcher, and there’s a Tiny Tim who believes a dog to hold and love will heal all. There are lots of colorfully costumed elves and dogs (who really don’t walk right in clothes) and stereotypical images of Christmas in America. Although the characters sing Christmas carols and say grace at meals, there are no overt religious overtones to make it palatable to any one religious persuasion.

The only major actors in the movie are George Went as Santa and Christopher Lloyd as the dog catcher. The dog voices are pretty much interchangeable with only their names to dictate their speaking style. The animation to show flying reindeer and the dogs breakdancing are poor and amateurish, but obviously not something small kids will even notice. This is the kind of straight-to-DVD movie that you can purchase and play for your young ones without worry about traumatizing them, except for maybe that song. (Review by Reesa Cruz-Hawkins)





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