MGF Braves the Tween Masses for Blockbuster New Moon Party

The first person in line in front of Blockbuster for the New Moon Party was there at 1:30 pm. By 7 pm the quota of 75 fans in line received wristbands that would be exchanged for movie tickets…not passes for an advanced screening on Thursday, Nov. 19. No waiting in screening lines for this one! Blockbuster purchased a theater at Cinemark West just to invite the fans who were willing to stand outside until midnight. Blockbuster generously supplied the waiting fans with bags of popcorn, samples of Icees and soft drinks.

Radio station KISS 106.1 offered promotional help and held drawings for prizes like Twilight totes, movies, t-shirts, posters, and Blockbuster gift cards. The Texas Entertainment Group was on hand to take free pictures of you digitally inserted next to your favorite character - Edward, Jacob, and Bella. Inside they had a flavored oxygen bar while Twilight played on the Blu Ray screens behind them. Outside, Blockbuster offered for purchase a line of Twilight memorabilia like pillows with Edward on one side and Jacob on the other, cozy fleece Edward blankets, posters, and elastic bracelets.

About 150 people - moms, dad, and kids - milled about waiting in line for their pictures and taking part in the trivia games for prizes. Mostly young tweens and their moms screamed wildly when names were drawn every 15 minutes. KISS’s brand of pop dance tunes punctuated the night and young girls were dancing probably to keep warm in the chilly evening. The movie tickets were not handed out until 11:30 pm followed by the final prize to some lucky fans who won a year rental card from Blockbuster and a huge framed poster of Edward.

It was rumored that the 9:15 pm movie ticket includes Twilight to be screened first before New Moon, but no one had a firm answer as to its validity. It would probably be best to call that Thursday so you will ready in case you are in for 4 hours on a work night. (Article by Reesa Cruz-Hawkins)

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