MGF Hangs Out with Boondock Saints Director Troy Duffy!

Our staff writer, Reesa Cruz-Hawkins, participated in a round-table interview with director Troy Duffy and actor Norman Reedus when they were in town for the special screening of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Below is an excerpt from that interview, whenre reesa asks Troy about introducing a female character into the mix.

Movie Geek Feed (MGF): Did you feel any pressure to add a female character to your film?

Troy Duffy (TD): In fact, I felt a bunch of pressure by adding a female character. There were almost no females in Boondocks 1, quintessentially a c!@k-driven movie. Believe me, when we said that there was going (to be) a female lead (in) Boondock Saints 2, it hit the fan base like cold water in the face. That was the risk, a big one, and as far as I’m concerned it paid off. When you('re) going to make a sequel, why do so many of them suck? We all know the handful of good ones - Godfather 2, Rocky 2, Terminator 2, Aliens. We can probably make a list of 10 undeniables, right? Why do all the rest of them just blow? We have this good healthy fear of sequels - a suspicion of them here in the United States - well earned in my opinion. One of the things we had to do, what I did, is what makes the good ones good? And I came up with one simple theory - it would be whatever it is you love about the first plus a brand new curve ball plot. Unpredictable, but you could never see it coming. (A) Pleasing example is Terminator 2. Arnold’s suddenly the good guy protecting Sarah Conner. We didn’t see that coming, we loved it, we ate that s!@t up, man. But (I) guarantee you, behind the scenes of that film the producers and the studio mucky mucks were going "you can’t do this, you can’t make him a good guy. You’ll destroy the franchise." But the filmmakers showed some bravity and did something a bit courageous and it paid off. That got me thinking "big risks, big rewards on sequels." So we tried to throw as many curve balls at you as we can starting with that female lead. And though Boondock fans were nonplussed when they heard that, now they can’t live without her. So that kind of risk in making a sequel is what makes it pay off.

MGF: So was it hard writing her character?

TD: So think of a man and move logic and incongruity. No, she just fell right out of the air just like that Smecker did in the first one. I can’t claim any “I don’t have to write it if I only do the politically correct thing and write strong females.”

MGF: Did she do her own gun twirling?

TD: She worked on that for awhile, man, (Sean Patrick) Flannery was training her as well. He’s from Texas as well so he knows how to do all these gun tricks with both hands and stuff. He trained her as well as this pro we brought in who does most of the training and that kind of stuff.

MGF: I loved that scene!

TD: I thought that would have played pretty well in Texas. All these mother fu@#!ers wanted to cut that scene. I said, “What, are you kidding me? It’s awesome!” It was like a roomful of dudes in the studio, they were like “meh”. I said “get some women in here!" And you know a couple of chicks came in and they were like “that’s fu!@ing awesome! I had to literally get some gals into this one screening so they could tell the guys and “no, that’s cool!”





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