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New Clash of the Titans trailer is full-on action!

Spider-Man 4 villains allegedly revealed: Black Cat and Lizard

6 scoops for Twilight: Eclipse from the New Moon cast

New Wonderland Image is Wonderful


Viggo Talks Hobbit And Del Toro Plans His Cameo

Morgan Freeman takes career nod

Len Wiseman to direct apocalyptic thriller

Henry Selick tapped for CAS Filmmaker nod

Searchlight could sing 'Swan's' song

'Planet 51' grew from roots at AFM

New Regency finds 'Memory'

Vamps bite into People's Choice

Jack Nicholson / Dennis Quaid / Kim Basinger Acting teacher Charles Conrad dies

'Alvin' sequel to open on Dec. 23

De France joins Damon in 'Hereafter'

Dean Stockwell Discusses Cylons in Battlestar's The Plan

The iconic scenes that survive in the new Nightmare on Elm St

Twilight's Bella, Edward and Jacob Together Again

Is Gears of War another video-game movie that won't suck?

Never-before-seen Star Trek concept art (pics)

Details on Oren Peli's Top Secret 'Area 51' Uncovered!

An Outsider's Look at the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' Press Conference

Stephen Susco Doing Rewrite on 'Butcherhouse Chronicles'

'The Dark Tower' Adaptation Erodes

First Images from Filmax's 'Exorcismus'

'Blood: A Butcher's Tale' Trailer, Promo Art

Yet Another Apocalyptic Tale in 'Devil's Playground'

Hi-Res Look at Creepy Possessed Girl in Eli Roth's 'Cotton'!

Filmax Heads to 'Tranquility Valley'

Taurus Entertainment Prepping 'Creepshow 3D'

A Violent Battles Ensues in First 'Ninja Assassin' Clipage

Jill Valentine May Return in 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'

First Look: Hi-Res Stills From Chris Smith's 'Black Death'!

Hi-Res Look at Hilary Swank in Hammer Films' 'The Resident'

First Look Acquires Chris Smith's 'Triangle'

Is Conan Getting a Cameo From an Old Action Star?

Sgt. Rock In The Future?

Will Smith & Steven Spielberg’s Old Boy DEAD!

Interview: Up Directors Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson

Jessica Biel Talks About Her Role In The A-Team

New Avatar TV Spot Wants Your Kids - Cameron Gets Desperate and Starts Pandering to Nickelodeon Auds

A Night with The Wicker Man / The Wicker Tree Footage Premiere Report

Never Sleep Again: A Talk with Directors Daniel Farrands and Andrew Kasch

A Talk with P.J. Soles

Unrequited Trailer and Official Site

New Maidenhead Trailer Serenades Us

Teaser Trailer: Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

Firefly Star Encounters Mothman on Syfy

Never Sleep Again: After Decades ... Mark Patton Talks Elm Street 2

Elfman's Wolfman Score Falls on Deaf Ears, New Composer on Board

New Swedish Terrors: Mara Teaser Trailer

Never Sleep Again - Maniacal Monday Twitterfeed

First Look Taking Us to the Triangle

They Must Eat After Christmas

First Photos of Yuzna's Amphibious Sea Scorpions

Bill Birch on the Shazam! Script

First Sorcerer's Apprentice Images Are The Hair Disaster You Expected

Next Piece Of The Alice In Wonderland Puzzle Debuts

Goyer Wants Magneto On The Back Burner

Monsters Inc. 2 May Not Be In The Works

NASA Tells Us Why 2012 Won't Happen

Interview: Amanda Peet On 2012 And Her John Cusack Love

Glimpse Star Trek's Abandoned Mos Eisley Cantina Scene

Is Rachel McAdams A Spider-Man 4 Villain?





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