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Courteney Cox Thinks Gale Weathers is Miserable in 'Scream IV'

Big spoilers for Star Trek 2! (12?)

The Avatar action and creatures you still haven't seen

International 'The Wolfman' One Sheet, French Trailer!


Resident Evil 4's 'Alice' reveals secrets in her tweets

McG's Captain Nemo movie is dead; will someone else take over?

Twilight author reveals alternate New Moon ending

Buy the bathroom New Moon's Robert Pattinson used

2012 creators fess up: It's really an animated movie (video)

Official One Sheet for 'The Graves'

First TV Spot for Lionsgate's 'Daybreakers'

A New Djinn Tale in 'Stranded'

New Korean Horror Film Forces 'A Blood Pledge'

Horrorfest '10: Official Website Launches With New Images

Trailer Debut: Brittany Murphy in 'Across the Hall'

Mannequin Park in 'Scream of the Banshee'

Liongate's 'Psycho Ward' Arriving in December

Probably A Far Cry From Being Any Good, But Here's The Trailer Anyway

If Not Rachel, Then Does Julia Stiles = Black Cat, Then?

Thor Gets Three More

McAdams Isn't Feline Fine

One Director For 47 Ronin

Another Day, Another Avatar

X-Factor Contestant To Sing 'Avatar' Theme

'Salt' Poster

Guapo Cam: Cast Of Star Trek Talk The Sequel & Khan. Plus News On Avatar, Green Lantern, Tron: Legacy, Lost, Flash Forward, Fringe, Priest, The Losers And More!

The Final Alice in Wonderland Image

WB To Announce Formal 'Batman 3' Plans In January?

'Ninja Assassin' Director Still Wants To Make Superman Fly Again

New Avatar Featurette, Film Clip and Int'l TV Spots

Spider-Man and the Red-Headed Stepchild

More Wolfman Crew Shuffling as New Editors Are Brought In

Paranormal Activity at Home by the End of the Year?

The Trailer You've Been Waiting For - Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons

New American Poster - After Dark's Hidden

Watch the Twilight Saga: New Moon Red Carpet Premiere LIVE!

Never Sleep Again - Jason Has His Day!

The Trailer from Across the Hall

Suspense Thriller Cornered Enters Production

RIP: Edward Woodward Has Passed Away

Aurora, Platinum Team on Nightfall Movie

Smallville TV Movie Has a Title

Will Faran Tahir Return for Iron Man 3?

Zoe Saldana on The Losers

Potts and Warner on the Alien Legion Movie

First Look at Hawkman in Smallville

Alexander is Doing Stunt Training for Thor

Rumor Mill: Nestor Carbonell Favorite for Khan

Michelle Pfeiffer To Vamp It Up For Amy Heckerling?

Rob Marshall Talks Depp's Excitement For Pirates 4

Lionsgate Picks Up Man Movie, Last Stand

For His Next Project, Joe Wright Goes With Teen Girl Assassins

Paramount Wants Its Own Night At The Museum

Death Race Prequel Casting Lineup Gives Away The Plot





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