News Bites:


Writing Team Returns For Roger Rabbit 2

Don Cheadle on Starring in Iron Man 2

Lord of the Rings' dwarf warrior says no to Hobbit

New Promo Trailer and Footage from Romero's 'Survival of the Dead'!


Twilight Saga: New Moon - See the Entire Ulalume: Howling at New Moon Special

Paramount sings up a case of 'Jitters'

Mission: Impossible / Airplane! Star Peter Graves gets Walk of Fame star

Steven Spielberg set for ADL honor

Is Nightmare's new Freddy Krueger innocent?

Does the new Avatar trailer look better than the last one?

Promo Art for Xavier Gens' 'The Fallout'

'Tron' Writers Say Yes to 'Ouija Board'

3 Clips and New Art for French Horror 'Mutants'

First Look at Ginormous 'Bear'

'Puppet Master: Axis of Evil', 'Luster' and 'Dark House'

Trailer Debut: 'Tucker & Dale vs Evil'!

A Special Holiday Greeting from the 'Mother's Day' Cast!

Bond Tapped for 'Elevator Men'

Milla Jovovich Gets Shattered in 'Faces in the Crowd' Promo Art!

UK Genre Vet Join Now Filming 'Basement'

'I Spit on Your Grave' Remake Shooting MONDAY

Creator Talks Blair Witch 3. The Sequel Nobody Cares About

Green Lantern Is Tax Friendly

Robin Hood Writers Talk About Robin Hood

C'mon Everyone! Let's Hit The Road With This New Trailer!

Rob Zombie Hints at Blob Delay

Promo Trailer and Still from Scarecrow

New Horrorfest One-Sheet for The Graves

Twilight Saga: New Moon - Bella's Birthday Clip

Leads Cast in Jamie Babbit's Breaking The Girl

Spooky Foreclosure Teaser Trailer

Your Soul Remade! The Asphyx Redux in the Works

One. Two. Freddy's Callin' for You!

Never Sleep Again - Terror Filled Twitterfeed Friday

Interview: Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat - Paranormal Activity

Helen Mirren Joins the Cast of Red

Mark Millar to Direct Superhero Movie

Warren Ellis' Black Summer to Get Adapted

Glen Morgan Adapting Gunplay Comic

Stephen L'Heureux on Sin City 2, Hard Boiled

Wes Anderson Wants To Leave Earth's Atmosphere

The Jetsons Getting A Tommy Boy Adaptation?

Supernatural Powers, Super Lame Posters

ScoreKeeper interviews TRICK 'R TREAT director Michael Dougherty and composer Douglas Pipes! Happy Halloween!!!





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