The Beacon Movie Release Party on Saturday!

The indie horror thriller The Beacon is hitting ShowBiz 12 theater this weekend in Waxahachie, TX where it was filmed. To celebrate the release of the film, there will be a party on Saturday, November 14th at the After Hours Improv Theater (100 N. College Street, Waxahachie) from 1PM to 4PM. Details just say to "Stop by the old Rogers Hotel for the Beacon release party. Cast and Crew members will be on hand along with a prop display." I would imagine director Michael Stokes and and any of the cast or crew members from the DFW area will be in attendance. The Beacon was actually partially shot at the old Rogers Hotel, which now houses the After Hours Theater. For more info on the Release Party, go to the Facebook page.

While trying to get their lives back on track after the disappearance and presumed drowning of their four year old son, Bryn and Paul Shaw move to the charming old Beacon Apartments. Friendly neighbors and a kick start to Paul’s teaching career help smooth the transition. The only sore spot for Bryn is her argument with the building’s resident diva, Vanessa Carver, a beautiful, once-successful actress who still behaves as if she were a sought-after star.

Bryn begins seeing a mysterious little boy skulking around the building. She suspects he might be the child from the apartment down the hall and is shocked to discover that the boy actually died in a fall down the Beacon’s elevator shaft while trying to escape his abusive father.

Bryn channels the grief of her own loss into discovering the details of the boy’s death and his reason for haunting the Beacon. She hopes that freeing the boy will allow him to carry a message to her son. As her quest begins to consume her, she fails to notice how her marriage is beginning to fray. The beautiful Vanessa has set her sights on Paul.

Enlisting the help of an eccentric young professor who believes in the paranormal, Bryn comes up with a plan to save the boy’s spirit… only to discover there is another malevolent entity stalking the halls of the Beacon -- one that doesn’t want the boy set free.

The Beacon is directed by Michael Stokes and stars Teri Polo (Meet the Parents, The Hole), David Rees Snell (The Shield, The Unit), Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation, Starship Troopers, Highlander II: The Quickening, Total Recall), and Elaine Hendrix.

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