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Cool new trailer for Nolan's weird sci-fi Inception

!Shocking! With Disney Buying Marvel, They Want To Make Superhero Movies

Harold Ramis Says 'Ghostbusters 3' in 2011!

Loads of Hi-Res 'Daybreakers' Images, New Viral Websites!


How Parnassus' Terry Gilliam dealt with Heath Ledger's death

Denzel Washington sees God in Book of Eli's mayhem

The Fights of 'Solomon Kane' in New Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Victor Crowley's House Erected in 'Hatchet 2' Behind-the-Scenes Pic

Promo Trailer for Religion-Themed 'Devil's Creek'

Crippled Brides Murdered by Gold Circle

James McAvoy To Play Fleming. Ian Fleming.

Take a Frightening Trip Downstream

Some Behind-the-Scenes Scouting for Fetch

Garrett Warren on Iron Man 2, The Losers and Tintin

Will Sam Worthington Be The Next Flash Gordon?

Iron Man 2 Reveals Black Widow Spoilers, Possibly

The Next Star Trek Starts Filming And Being Awesome In 2010

New How To Train Your Dragon Trailer Has Heritage

Is Brad Pitt In Sherlock Holmes After All?

WB Is Most Profitable Studio For Second Year In A Row

Go behind the scenes with the awesome Avatar mockumentary

Time-traveling Back to the Future DeLorean for sale on eBay

The sci-fi passwords Twitter doesn't want you to use

Beautiful footage of underwater radio-controlled model Enterprise

Found: The anti-smoking commercial R2-D2 and C-3PO made

Eckhart Suited-Up for Alien Ass Whipping in Battle: Los Angeles

Dan O'Bannon Website Opens Doors

Brittany Murphy's Deadline Art Pulled By Rental Outlet

Necrosis Hitting DVD in April

The Reeds and The Descent Part 2 Earn Themselves an R





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