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Trailer makes Robin Hood look like Lord of the Rings

New Big Daddy Poster And Clip From Kick-Ass

Sorry, Spidey Fans: Tobey Won't Be Playing The Hobbit

299 of 300 Spartans dead? It doesn't matter to Frank Miller


Watch Ten Minutes Of Sherlock Holmes

Next up for Thor writers? Daybreakers's undead vamps

Three Kings director to be brains of Austen Zombies movie?

Black Lagoon to get ditched Alien director?

Sandman? To fight undead Roadkill?

Why District 9 screenwriters are "over the moon"

Millennium Falcon bed makes the Kessel Run in comfort

Is Peter Parker heading to the Shire?

The most bizarre use of a Darth Vader mask you will see today

Avatar, True Blood grab Golden Globe nominations

Casting for The Hobbit begins!

First Avatar screening receives a standing ovation!

Guillermo del Toro wants Serkis' Gollum for Hobbit

Woman has epic crying fit over Return of the Jedi

In Hawaii, Avatar's environmental disaster was real

Watch a Bloody Riot Scene from 'Daybreakers'

Hell Freezes Over in Dan Walton's 'Bind'

Delaware Pictures to Release 'Dreamkiller' in Limited Theaters

New Italian Trailer for Filmax's 'Rec 2'

Eisner Telepathically Sinks in with 'The Brood'

Hang Out with a Maniacal Subsider Vamp in New 'Daybreakers' Outdoor Poster!

Masked Rider Trots into New 'Solomon Kane' Clip

First 5 Pages 'Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie'

'Saw' and 'Paranormal Activity' Inspired 'Undocumented'

Low Quality Look at the Official One Sheet for 'Frozen'

Two Stunning Hi-Res Stills from 'The Crazies' Remake

Severin Launches Official Website, 'Birdemic' Teased!

New Prince Of Persia Featurette

More Proof Of Spud Spousal Abuse With This New Toy Story 3 Image.

Don't Turn Your Back On This New Inception Poster

Some New Iron Man 2 Footage And A New Clue Surfaces For You To Solve

New Iron Man 2 Clue

Leo Gets Some Horns

Paranormal Entity Trailer and Review

New Images From The Tenant

New Images from The Asylum's Paranormal Entity

Capture Humans with Facebook and Daybreakers

New Website for Season of the Witch Opens Doors

Robert Englund Turns on His Web Cam 3D

The Car Ready to Drop Off Some Terror

New Iron Man 2 Photos and Game Trailer

THE GREEN HORNET'S Black Beauty Has Taken a Beating

First Official Photo From Scott Pilgrim

L+E Prods. Teams with Liquid on Epic Cycle

New Alice In Wonderland Trailer: Alice Goes To War!

Rob Marshall Says Pirates 4 Is Still A Big If

How Avatar Happened: Lightcycles And Giant Lizards On The Path To Innovation

New Toy Story 3 Image Takes The Toys On A Trip

Watch Guy Ritchie Direct Sherlock Holmes

The Cameron Inside: How Avatar Echoes Everything He's Ever Done

Sherlock Holmes Midnight Screenings Cancelled

The Catholic Church Killed Golden Compass's Sequels

J.J. Abrams Making A Secret New Tentpole For Paramount?





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