News Bites:


Bryan Singer confirms he'll do another X-Men

Medusa, Kraken revealed in new official Clash of the Titans trailer

New trailer for Tim Burton's Alice highlights weirdness

R.I.P. Dan O'Bannon


The Matrix's 'Morpheus' will battle Predators

Rumor: Spider-Man 4 has been shut down!

Michelle Rodriguez is pissed about Machete. In a good way

Avatar buzz is so strong it boosts prospects of Fox's parent co.

'Pandorapedia' video is live

New Iron Man 2 trailer is kick-ass!

George Lucas must share rights to stormtrooper design, says judge

Forget Klingon: Give a listen to Avatar's Na'vi language

'Tony' Makes Friends the Gruesome Way

Haunted Hospital 'Psych: 9' Gets March UK Release

New Look at Martin Scorsese's 'Shutter Island'

Official One Sheet for 'The Final'

A Vampire Refuses Blood in 'Daybreakers' Clip

Kenny Yakkel to Tell 'The Exorcism Diaries'

Anchor Bay Releasing 'New Daughter' This Weekend!

A Tiger Shark Massacre in 'Bait 3D'

A Reminder to Self: The World is Going to End

'Diner' Hosts Vampire and Werewolf vs Zombies

Summit Sets Bloody High Speed Chase 'Drive Angry' for 2011

Chilling Super Hi-Res One Sheet for 'Frozen'

New 'Texas Chainsaw' Details, Gore Verbinski TV Series?!

Takashi Shimizu Produces 'Paranoia Agent'

Get Ready for 'Daybreakers' Home Invasion

Sigourney Weaver Confronted on 'Ghostbusters 3' Spoiler

'Zombeak' Getting March DVD Release in UK

New Kick-Ass Poster Of Hit Girl

One More Toy Story 3 Image!

New Teaser Trailer For Shrek Forever After

Lin Talks Lego Movie

Studio Ghibli Borrows a Bit - And it Looks Good!

New Alice in Wonderland Pics

Rene Russo Is Thor's Momma

Hey! It's Marmaduke!

The LAST Iron Man Clue

Super Awesome Tron: Legacy Banner

Three (Sort of) New Iron-Man 2 Pics

15 Till Midnight -- The New Time for Terror

Get Smart Director Getting Scary for Neighborhood Watch

Tony Todd Talks Dark Christmas, Hatchet 2, and Candyman IV

Piranha 3D to Take a Bite Out of Avatar this Weekend

Phobos Gets a New Name and Two New Posters

Lionsgate Locks Peter Cornwell in The Panopticon

Doug Bradley Talks Hellraiser Legacy

SenoReality Announces a New Short Film, Get Off My Porch, and Sends New Nailbiter Photos

Succumb to the Hellhounds of Rick Schroder or Risk Death by Way of Sharpened Silver Spoon

Daybreakers - Second Viral Video

Terror Tweets: Images from Hatchet 2 Table Read

Summit Targets Release Date for Red

New Writer Boards X-Men: First Class

Spider-Man 4 is NOT in Trouble!

Scarlett Johansson Talks Black Widow

Arrest Made in the Wolverine Leak

First Look at Iron Man 2's War Machine in Action!

Mark Millar Ready to Kick More Ass with Kick-Ass 2

James Cameron Says Terminator: Salvation Isn't Embarrassing

Hoodwinked Too Gets Hoodwinked And Pushed Back

Over 350 Avatar Screenings Already Sold Out

Roy Disney Dead At 79, Disney In Need Of New Guardians

80 Amazing Images From The Iron Man 2 Trailer

Epic Robin Hood Behind The Scenes Clip

Mark Strong Talks About His John Carter Of Mars Role

Behind The Scenes Of Prince Of Persia: Check Out Jake's Abs!





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