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Harlan Ellison wants J.J. Abrams to hire him for Trek 2!

First look: Iron Man 2's new poster with War Machine!

Fourth Twilight Book To Be Two Movies?

 Tron sequel makers will reinvent another sci-fi classic


Surprising first look at Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

Iron Man 2's Scarlett is very flexible (new pics)

Why Peter Jackson added MORE violence to Lovely Bones

Confirmed: Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe to do a nude scene!

The greatest apocalyptic robot movie you will see all day

New Moon eclipses Twilight, but is fading

Alice's Wonderland 150 years later: cyborgs and flying cars!

Why Kathy Bates will creep you out in Syfy's Alice (video)

'Transylmania' Star Patrick Cavanaugh Talks Blood, Guts...and Laughs

Summit Entertainment Brings On Environmental 'Invasion'

Writing and Directing Team Locked in for 'Zombieland 3D'

Full Casting Announced for 'Night of the Living Dead: Origins'

Three New Images From 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

New Details on Landis Backed 'Some Guy Who Kills People'

'Call of Duty 2' Game Director Takes on 'Frost Road' Feature

More Behind-the-Scene Videos from Milla Jovovich

IFC Acquires 'Coffin Rock' and 'Paintball' -- Release Info

R.I.P. Paul Naschy

Bloody Mary Returns in 'The Summoning'

'The Crazies' Viral Campaign Takes Both Sides of the Coin

'Chain Letter' Director Plans Holiday Horror with 'Dark Christmas'

'Behind Your Eyes' is the Killer

Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' Begins Casting, Official Breakdown!

A Family of Fiends in 'Monster of the House'

Wizards and Witches Confront 'Beautiful' Curse

Interview with 'The Descent: Part 2' Director, Several New Clips!

'The Evil Dead' Returns to Theaters, New Poster, First Dates!

Another Two Comical Clips from 'Transylmania'

Amber Heard Shows Some Emotion in 'The Ward' Image

A Blood-Soaked World Premiere Clip from 'The Descent: Part 2'

First Details on 'Paranormal' Director's 'Area 51'

First Word on 'I Spit on Your Grave' Remake

For the First Time Ever, Nimrod Antal Talks 'Predators'

German Trailer for 'We Are the Night'

'Pride Prejudice and Zombies' the TV Series, Teaser Image!

Summit Gets an Alibi

New Prince of Persia Poster

New Karate Kid Pics

Avatar Stars Go Live

Green Lantern Won't Dwell on the Past

'Silver Surfer' Is Not Dead

Bourne 4 No More?

Paramount Goes Into Area 51. After That? More Paranormal Activity.

Joe Quesada Talks About How Awesome Thor Will Be

The Wolfman Tearing Up Facebook

Second Daybreakers Trailer Debuts

Paranormal Activity Lands Independent Spirit Awards Nomination

Deaden Comic Book to Pick Up Where the Film Ended

Tom Holland and David Chackler Bring Horror Fans Dead Rabbit Films

J.D. Lifshitz is Ready to be Killed on the Fourth of July

Rob Zombie's Halloween II Early Sales Art

Scarlett Johansson on Filming Iron Man 2

Jeremy Renner Talks Hawkeye!

Tobey Maguire Hopes to Evolve Peter Parker

Sherlock Holmes Has A New Gimmick: Motion Seats

Peter Berg Says No Hancock 2, For Now

District 13: Ultimatum Trailer Filled With Crazy Stunts

Jeff Bridges Says Iron Man Was All Improv

New Princess And The Frog Featurette Sings

Yogi Bear Gets A Ranger Smith

Gotham Awards Crown The Hurt Locker

Kill Bill 3 Won't Be Called Kill Bill 3

Nic Cage Not Sure If He's Involved With Ghost Rider 2

Robert Downey Jr. Rewrote Iron Man 2

The Lovely Bones Clip: Grandma Packs Her Own Booze

Avatar Jumps From 60 Minutes To MTV

Roasted Baby Removed From Final Cut Of The Road

First Look At Don Cheadle As Iron Man 2's War Machine?

Muscle And Glitter Don't Make Up For Filming Errors In New Moon

10 More Minutes Behind The Scenes Of Avatar





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