News Bites:


First official Twilight image from Eclipse

Red-band Kick-Ass trailer: Meet Hit Girl! 

Bryan Singer in search of a Battlestar writer

International Trailer For Christopher Nolan's Inception


Peter Jackson developing a sci-fi movie: Mortal Engines

Glimpse the sci-fi vampire future in 3 new Daybreakers clips

The Karate Kid Trailer

First Frozen Trailer

The Cow Says Moo In This Third Teaser For Universal's Despicable Me

New International Trailer For Robin Hood. Now With More Arrows.

Don't Look Down At This New Inception Poster

Set Visit: Interview with '30 Days of Night: Dark Days' Creator Steve Niles

First Ever Look at Screen Gems' 'The Roommate', Hi-Res 'Priest' Teaser

Platinum Dunes Updates 'Friday 2' and 'Elm Street' Reshoots

Frankenstein-like Mist Transforms in 'Night and Fog'

'Transformers Writer to Pen 'the forgotten' Comic Adaptation

Two New Clips from Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons

French One-Sheet and Trailer for The Horde

Maneater Trailer Shows Some Teeth

The Irish Offer a Portrait of a Zombie

Set Visit: Deon Taylor's Dark Christmas / Updates on Chain Letter and Dead Tone

X-Men: First Class Might Supersede Magneto Spin-Off?

Furry Vegeance Trailer: Brendan Fraser Rips Off Over The Hedge

Update From Producer Of Bone And Tom & Jerry

Two New Prince Of Persia Images Stick To The Status Quo

First Trailer For Luc Besson's Adventures

Tom Hanks Ready To Return For A Third Da Vinci Code

Iron Man 2 Will Not Be In 3D

Final Shutter Island One-Sheet

Pixar Releases Gorgeous Toy Story 3 Script Art