The Real Reason Behind Christmas

Merry Christmas to all from MovieGeekFeed.com!
This movie, The Nativity Story, was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who has recently become famous as the person who helmed the first Twilight movie. After the jump is the first 9 minutes of the movie. You can go here to see the rest of the links for the entire movie.

In Nazareth, a town oppressed by the devastating taxation practices of King Herod, a teenage girl, Mary, is told by her parents that they have arranged for her to marry Joseph. Distraught by the idea of marrying a man she hardly knows, Mary takes refuge in a grove to collect her thoughts. There, she is visited by an angel, who tells her that she has been chosen by God to bear his son. Despite the public scorn from an unwed pregnancy, together, Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a census mandated by the King. It is here, with a great celestial event revealing his prophecy, in a history-defining event, that Jesus is born.

Through all the busy running around and traveling you do, don't forget to remember the real reason behind the holiday.