Tron Evolution VG Hints At New Computer World

It's not a movie trailer, but when you're desperate it's the next best thing. There's a new trailer for the upcoming video game for Tron Evolution. The game appears to be a prequel that bridges the gap between the original Tron and Tron Legacy. The trailer for the tie-in to the Tron Legacy film premiered at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards earlier this month. As SciFi Wire puts it, the trailer "offers up a bit more of the new universe of Tron...We get a glimpse of a new nemesis; new gladiatorial combat; new, more physics-driven light cycles; the new Recognizer and a taste of the look and feel of the new Tron world." Check out the trailer after the jump.

Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin's loyal confidant, father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Original Tron director Steven Lisberger is producing this time around and Joseph Kosinski (Halo 3 and Gears of War game trailers) is directing. Tron Legacy stars Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, and Michael Sheen.

It's scheduled to hit theaters on December 17th, 2010.





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