Vlad Dracula Will Be Taking Action For Summit

Summit Entertainment plans to follow it's vampire success with Twilight by tackling another tooth-baring character. The studio announced recently that it had picked up the rights to Vlad, which according to Bloody Disgusting will focus on "Dracula as a young prince; he is known to history as Vlad the Impaler, the man behind the Dracula myth." The project is being developed as an action-oriented movie versus the angst-driven romantic slant of Twilight. Summit wants to make a film that is "a visually edgy and radical period movie that also will break a new talent."

The real Vlad the Impaler or Dracula (as he became known), was a three-time voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462. Historically Vlad is best known for the exceedingly cruel punishment he imposed. Impalement was Dracula's favorite method of punishment. Not only was this method of punishment extremely painful, but Dracula seemed to derive sick pleasure from watching his people being tortured. In fact, wood cuttings from this time period indicate that Dracula often dined surrounded by the decaying bodies of the dead. It was reported that the invading Turkish army he was at war with turned back in horror when it encountered twenty thousand decaying corpses along the banks of the Danube river. Their leader proclaiming "how could we possibly fight a monster that could do such atrocities". Thank you Wikipedia and SparTech Software for the delightful history lesson on Vlad.

Vlad is being produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment shingle from a script by actor Charlie Hunnam. Negotiations are already underway with music video and photographer Anthony Mandler to direct the film. Mandler has directed music videos for The Killers, Eminem, and Rhianna (10 of her videos). Apparently, Summit execs were so blown away by his reel, that they immediately started pushing the quietly developing project forward. Execs for the studio are comparing his work to that of Zack Snyders for 300. I find this very hard to believe, but I guess we'll see.





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