Director Found For Dead@17 Movie

Just read some good news about the rumored Dead@17 movie straight from the mouth of the creator. Josh Howard posted on his Twitter that they "finally have a director" and they will be "Meeting with a certain cable/movie studio next. Cross your fingers and say a prayer :)" I'll most definitely be praying. As I've said before, I think that Dead@17 has all the elements needed to make a really hip and timely film that would be attractive to both adults and teens - if it were well-executed and directed.

If you're unfamiliar with the Dead@17 series and always read my post updates on the movie project and say "What's he talking about?" then check out the "Dead@17: Ultimate Edition" to get caught up with the story. Then, seek out the new trade paperback of "Dead@17: Afterbirth". After you read those, get a copy of the "Dead@17 Sourcebook" to make sure you are brushed up on all the characters and their backgrounds.

Josh also announced that he is going to be drawing a Ghostbusters comic for IDW. He says it should be coming out in the summer. That is very cool news.

You can meet Dead@17 creator / writer / artist Josh Howard at this upcoming weekend's Dallas Comic Con. He'll be there with tons of other comic book artists to sign autographs and showcase his work. If you're in the area, don't miss it! You can get details here.