Interview With George Lopez For The Spy Next Door

Check out an interview with George Lopez about his character Glaze in the upcoming action comedy The Spy Next Door after the jump. He discusses his character and the story, working with Jackie Chan, the stunts, playing a villain, and filming.

Bob Ho is an undercover CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in espionage to settle down with his next-door neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian. But Bob has one more mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him: winning over her three opinionated kids. When Gillian suddenly has to leave town, Bob volunteers to babysit the children so he can earn their approval. But when one of the kids mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula from his computer, Bob's archenemy, a Russian terrorist, moves in for the attack, forcing Bob to juggle the roles of spy and prospective stepfather in the most challenging mission of his career!

The Spy Next Door is directed by Brian Levant and stars Jackie Chan, George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Alina Foley, Will Shadley, and Madeline Carroll.

The film kicks into action on January 15th.