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Pirates 4, Prince of Persia, Sorcerer's Apprentice details!

New Star Trek sequel has a 2012 release date!

The A-Team Trailer In HD With Screencaps

Planet Of The Apes Reboot Shelved


James McAvoy drops hints about a Wanted sequel

How Twilight: Eclipse will showcase 'Carlisle Cullen'

Cube maker's new sci-fi film is repulsive, hypnotic (video)

First of Many 'The Wolfman' TV Spots

Diablo Cody Talks Zombedy 'Breathers'

Bootlegged Look at the 'Piranha 3D' Trailer!

'Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer' to be shot in Croatia in February 2010

New Batch of Hi-Res Stills from 'Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever'

Avatar Almost Starred Matt Damon And Jake Gyllenhaal

The Gods Have Spoken: No 3D For Clash

John Malkovich Is Going To Get Red

Jonah Hex Given Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

Resident Evil: Afterlife Coming 2010 After All

Trailer Debut: Clive Barker's Dread

Hammer's The Resident Shows Us Her Stills

New Stills From Hammer's The Wake Wood

Red Riding Trailer Debut

Tobey Maguire on the Spider-Man 4 Production Delay

The New Kick-Ass Trailer!

A.N. Group Goes Time-Traveling with The Rook

Marvel Seeks Declaration Against Kirby Heirs' Claims

Green Lantern Gets His Carol Ferris!

Harrison Ford On Lucas's Crazy Indiana Jones 5 Idea

Full Gallery Of New Tooth Fairy Images

The Hughes Brothers Turned Down Pirates 4

Louis Leterrier Really, Really Wants To Direct The Avengers





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