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Spider-Man 4 Dead: A Dark Knight reboot?

Sherlock Holmes Sequel Starts Shooting In June

'Predators' vs Yakuza, First Details on Laurence Fishburne's Character

Wolverines! We get a sneak peek at the new Red Dawn


Good news for both Twilight fans AND haters

Why Joss Whedon's horror movie will be worth the wait

Becoming a giant green alien in John Carter of Mars

Two More TV Spots from Uni's 'The Wolfman'

'Hatchet 2' Picked Up By Dark Sky Films, Plans to Build Franchise!

New Details on 'The Thing' Remake, Sequel, Prequel...Whatever the Hell it is?

An Extraordinary Gentleman Looks For His Lost Patrol

Does Zemeckis Have His Beatles?

Three Crazy New Posters

Robert Downey Jr. Doesn't Want To Play Cowboys & Aliens

James Gunn's "Super" Gets Some Superstar Names

Strangeland II: Disciple Casting and Synopsis

The Horde - The Dead Bring the Violence in Latest Clip

UK Survival of the Dead Cover Art

Bad Things Happening in Darren Bousman's Mother's Day

John Carpenter Talks The Ward

Sarsgaard to Play Green Lantern Villain

Transformers 3 and Spider-Man Bits

Principal Photography Starts on Thor

Two More Fast And Furious Movies Coming

Listen To Elfman's Alice In Wonderland Score

MUST SEE Bloody Hilarious Clip from 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil'!!

Trailer Debut for 'Kill Theory': Let's Decide Together, Who Lives & Who Dies?





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