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Avatar passes $1 billion, closes on Titanic's record

'The Thing' Prequel Begins Lensing This March

Marvel Stockholders Approve Disney Merger

Gibson May Appear In Mad Max After All


'The Wolfman' Official Website Fully Launched

Moon director reveals secrets behind its lunar effects

Trek's Patrick Stewart, Rings' Jackson knighted

55 million Flixster users rate Avatar best movie of 2009

Which classic sci-fi film was just declared a national treasure?

'Mothman Prophecies' Director Heads to 'The Orphanage'

Massive Adam Green Blog, Real-Life 'Frozen' Terror and 'Hatchet 2'

Zelda Rubinstein Off Life Support, R.I.P. Chas. Balun

Say Hello To Mr. Pricklepants In This Toy Story 3 Teaser

Fire The Wave Motion Gun! There's A New Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Movie Teaser Trailer!

First Official Rapunzel Still

First Eagle of the Ninth Stills

The Asylum Breeding a Mega Piranha

Halloween Vets in a Bind

Six New Blackout Posters Show Some Character(s)

Amer Trailer Debut

First Two Teaser Clips for Psych: 9

Kevin Feige on a Decade of Marvel on the Big Screen
Plus talks briefly about Thor

Sorry Twihards: No Eclipse Test Screenings Happening Yet

See A Different Side Of Avatar

Rumor Control: Taylor Swift Is Not Supergirl

Images From the Set of the Last Airbender

Jeremy Renner Is Not Hawkeye

National Society Of Film Critics Explodes Over The Hurt Locker

Kill Me Now - Jake And Neytiri Will Get It On In Avatar Deleted Scene

Moon creator on how Gerty the robot is related to HAL

Shiny! The smallest Serenity replica ever, coming soon





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