Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News Bites:


Watch Denzel kick sci-fi butt in The Book of Eli

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Teaser High-Res Screencaps

New Footage From 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' in Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Wizard of Oz Sequel Gets Ironed Out


Hobbit production start and duration are confirmed

Confirmed: Script problems may push Spidey 4 back

Guess which Twilight Eclipse cast member's script got leaked

Why the vampire film Daybreakers is the anti-Twilight

New Hi-Res Stills from 'Frozen'

Luke Goss Becomes the Original Frankenstein in 'Death Race 2'

Two More Catch a Glimpse of Dark Castle's 'Apparition'

A Medieval Plague Takes Over in Nearly 40 Hi-Res 'Black Death' Stills

Sam Mendes To Put The Bland In Bond

Short And Have Hairy Feet? You'd Be A Perfect Bilbo Baggins!

Dune Dons Different Director

A New Trailer From Paris With Love

New From Paris With Love Stills. Time To Laugh At John Travolta Again!

Frozen Q&A with Adam Green

Christopher Lee is METAL!

One-Sheet Debut - After Dark's The Reeds

Behind Your Eyes Gets a Director Behind the Camera

Deadpool Double Taps Zombieland Writers!

Iron Man 2 and Last Airbender Get Super Bowl Spots

Cowboys & Aliens to Start Filming in July?

Details on Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie

Laughable Percy Jackson Promo Photos

Sam Worthington Looks Fearsome In New Clash Of The Titans Pics

New Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Salt And Knight and Day

Scorsese Adapting A Children's Book In Europe Next?

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