Reesa Wrestles Angels & Fights Off A Legion

God is upset with humanity. In his wrath, he sends his angels to exterminate the world’s population in Armageddon. The Archangel Michael cannot carry out God's command and has become a fallen angel to protect a pregnant woman who may be carrying the child of  The Second Coming.

If you have seen Terminator, The Matrix and The Mist, then you will have seen Legion. Paul Bettany is the Archangel Michael who defies an order by God. He comes down to earth Terminator-style in an alley way in LA. He removes his collar and loses his wings. He then finds a stash of Matrix-style weapons and some very nifty clothes. A patrol car comes across him when he blows the doorway open in the shape of a cross. One of the cops starts shaking and becomes this possessed person and a gun battle begins.

Meanwhile out in the desert at this remote pit stop diner called Paradise Falls, Jeep (Lucas Black) awakes from a disturbing dream. Charlie (Adrianne Palicki) is 8 months pregnant and works for Jeep and his father Bob (Dennis Quaid). Jeep wants to care for Charlie and her baby even if it’s not his, and she wants to give it up. Inside the diner there’s a well-to-do couple (John Tenney and Kate Walsh) and their teen daughter. Their BMW broke down and they are waiting for Jeep to repair it. Charles Dutton plays Percy the cook with a hook for a hand. Later, Kyle (Tyrese Gibson), who is lost on the highway, arrives looking for a phone. Enter this little old lady in a walker who orders a very raw steak, starts chanting that the baby will burn, bites the husband, and starts walking on the ceiling. After Kyle shoots her, they try and take the husband to the hospital but are turned back by a massive cloud of bugs. They are stuck in the diner like in The Mist’s grocery store, with no phones, TV, or radios and no way to find out what’s going on.

That is until Michael drives up in a LA police car. He gets them to barricade themselves indoors with ominous warnings of something coming. He arms his new companions who then battle it out with hordes of possessed humans. They demand to know what is going on, and Bob has a hard time believing Michael’s explanation that they are fighting angels and he’s protecting Charlie’s child. Charlie exclaims, “Why me, I don’t even have a car!” just as Terminator’s Sarah Conner protests, “I can’t even balance my checkbook!”

A lot of fighting ensues, culminating in a very nice battle between Archangel Gabriel and Michael. I had always thought of angels as being God’s messengers. In this movie, the Archangels are generals in God’s army. They wear leather and have swords and scary sharp mace-like weapons that turn into rotating saws. Their wings are also used as shields and can cut one like a knife. Make no mistake; these are ninja angels not Fed Ex angels.

Writer and director Scott Stewart has some heavy visual effects experience and it shows. However the plot is a bit murky as to exactly why God wants to destroy humanity outside of God being tired of the BS. As Michael explains, the last time God was angry he sent the floods. This time he sent angels. Aren’t fallen angels who defy God supposed to be sent to Hell? No mention of that here. There’s also no explanation as to why after the baby is born the battling angels in their possessed human form bow their heads in reverence and let the survivors escape in a car. Try not to think on it too hard especially about Jeep and the tattoos. Maybe there’s a sequel in the works. (Review by Reesa Cruz Hawkins of Dallas Movie Screenings)