Alice in Wonderland Ultimate Fan Event

Well, we got the e-mail a little too late to get the  Alice in Wonderland Ultimate Fan Event announced ahead of time, so we figured we would at least help out by posting the excerpts from U-Stream. Why would I not want to help promote the upcoming Alice in Wonderland? I love Tim Burton. I love Johnny Depp. I love twisted whacked out versions of treasured fairy tales from your childhood. What's not to like? You can check out part of the event after the jump. It's split into a couple of parts, so just go to YouTube to see the rest or you can check it out here.

Last Friday, February 19th, "Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Records join(ed) forces with Hot Topic, KIIS-FM, MySpace, and artists from the upcoming album 'Almost Alice' for a great big ultimate fan event celebrating ALICE IN WONDERLAND. The event (took) place at the Hollywood and Highland Centre and streamed LIVE online. Featuring four musical acts, a visit from director Tim Burton to introduce select members of the ALICE IN WONDERLAND cast, plus opportunities to win prizes, including special meet-and-greets and a sneak peek of actual film footage. An exclusive clip (was) also shown to viewers that tune(d)-in online."

There's pretty cool stuff here. Besides the obvious interviews with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, we get to hear from the rarely interviewed Crispin Glover and Matt Lucas, who appears as Tweedledee and Tweedledum in his first American film. Thanks to Martin Long over at Susan Jacobs Inc. for the heads up.