Dead@17: Afterbirth Trade Paperback Review

Josh Howard has once again delivered a great new addition to his Dead@17 saga. Originally split up into four issues, Dead@17: Afterbirth definitely kept you on the edge of your seat every month wondering what would happen next.

Afterbirth is visually appealing and an easy read. I read the entire graphic novel version in probably one hour altogether. You won't want to put it down.

Howard has this knack for putting together the perfect ingredients for an endearing set of characters and storyline. You have female characters that girls want to be like and typical guys would want to look at. Then you add in some comic book gore, an apocalyptic storyline in the vein of End of Days, and the wit of Zombieland or Buffy the Vampire Slayer - voila! You've got a winner.

This chapter in the Dead@17 epic pushes the envelope even more. It seems a bit more visually provacative while somehow emerging more Biblically literal at the same. In some corners of religious society, it might be a little too controversial.

Afterbirth is chocked full of story twists, character revelations, and a surprise ending that allows Howard to open a whole new window of story opportunities. This is a must-have for any fans of horror or adventure comics. There's even a really cool section that was added as an "extra feature" for the trade paperback version, which consists of several "pin-ups" by artists using their different styles of drawing to interpret the characters of Dead@17. Get it now so you'll be all caught up and ready for The Witch Queen. (Review by Eric Shirey)