DVD Review - RZ Halloween 2: Unrated Director's Cut

OK. Now I know what you are all thinking right about now. Didn't I already read a Halloween 2 review from you already? The answer is yes, you did. The truth is that I just checked out the Unrated Director's Cut DVD of the film and I really enjoyed the flick.

This is definitely a different cut of the film and a lot of the scenes are extended that allow for more character development - especially for Annie (Danielle Harris) and Laurie, not to mention more scenes for Michael Myers and Loomis. Speaking of Loomis (played again by Malcolm McDowell), there are more scenes for his villainous character change. Mostly there is an alternate ending that is way different than what was seen in theaters this past summer.

This cut of the film was definitely worth the purchase and I felt that it redeemed the flick a lot more in my eyes and it makes me wonder why this one wasn't released in theaters? I guess that it would hurt the Unrated Director's Cut Sales that have been pretty common for the past 5 years. The new ending, I feel, opens the door for a potential Halloween 3 that has already been announced. I also feel the need to point out that when they say Unrated, trust me they aren't kidding. The special FX guys earned their paycheck. There are some brutal scenes that aren't for the weak-stomached people out there - for example, the strip club massacre...you'll see what I mean.

Now lets talk about Special Features. Rob Zombie provides us with a nice perspective on the making of the film and I have to say that it explains a lot about the production. Other than that, there is a pretty funny Blooper Reel that is almost as funny as the last one was on the previous Halloween DVD. There is also Audition footage that is...OK. Pretty boring but the makeup test footage makes up for it. The Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures Music Videos are pretty interesting, but the jury is still out on the band Honky Tonk. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 is pretty good - the videos and the way they are shot remind me of the old White Zombie music videos of the past, so fans will enjoy it. Now as far as the stand-up comedy, that is pretty much a deleted scene that I recommend you avoid. 3 Stars - Check it out

(Review by Casey Corpier from Triple C Productions)