DVD Straightjacket - The Keeper

Synopsis: Steven Seagal plays an LA cop who after nearly being killed by his greedy partner, flees to New Mexico to work as a bodyguard for the daughter of a wealthy businessman. When mobsters kidnap her, he hunts them down to rescue her and protect her.

Review: I have a soft spot for Steven Seagal. I know that most of his films haven’t been any good since The Glimmer Man, but I haven’t given up hope. I love martial arts films and still watch every Seagal film when it comes out no matter what. Sadly, the last one I watched might have been his worst, so will this finally be a good movie for him or will this be another bomb like Against the Dark?

I am happy to say that this is a pretty decent action flick. Gone are the preachy speeches, dubbed voices, and bad fight scenes. It’s no Above the Law or Out for Justice, but it’s a step in the right direction. Seagal seems to have put some effort into this film and it shows. His acting is still typical Seagal, but we don’t watch his movies for the acting now do we. The story is a very typical straight-to-DVD movie, but works fine. The happy part here is the fighting. Although not as aggressive or crisply cut together like his early works, it’s still miles above his past endeavors. Seagal himself hasn’t lost a step and really looked in top form.

This isn’t a great movie, but it’s a good straight rental action film. If you are a closet Seagal fan, then be sure to check it out. He has another film coming out later in February, so I am crossing my fingers. For more great Seagal, be sure to check out Steven Seagal: Lawman on TV. (Review by Bobby Blakey of Big Dumb Gorilla Studios)