DVD Straightjacket - The Marine 2

WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase as Marine recon sniper Joe Linwood. Reminiscent of the 2001 Dos Palmas incident, Linwood’s trip to paradise with his wife is suddenly shattered when guerrillas take control of a secluded five-star resort asking for a substantial ransom. The guerrilla leaders begin murdering hostages as the clock ticks away, forcing Joe to use his expert skills to save the hostages from certain death.

Let me start by saying I had no high hopes for this movie. I was ready to watch it for what it was. I must say I enjoyed the first Marine movie for what it was - a guilty pleasure 80 to 90’s style action movie. I heard this was coming out and didn’t care, but the clever trailer that was put together got me to give this film a chance.

Wow, this movie was not even in the same weight class as the first film. The original film sucked you in to the 80’s shlock and kept you entertained mostly because of John Cena’s screen presence and ability to carry the action sequences very well.

Sadly, WWE star (son of wrestling legend Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase) and star of this film Ted DiBiase Jr. can’t carry his own gym bag. I hope he is better at wrestling, because clearly his film career will be short lived. I will give him credit, his acting isn’t horrible, but his fighting was crap. The one thing I do is expect a wrestler to be able to handle, and he can’t do it.

The story is an average 80’s action movie type story, which was fine. The remaining actors, including those that are usually pretty good, where all bad. This was by far not the worst movie I have ever seen, but it could have been so much better. When you have someone who makes a living fighting, you would expect action would be easy to pull off - clearly I was wrong.  

Special Features:
Featurettes include Inside the Legacy: Ted’s Story, Village Virtuoso: The Final Fight, and Muay Thai Fight Outtakes; Behind the Scenes Featurettes include The Last Resort: Inside the Terrorist Siege, East Meets West: Muay Thai Fight, Production Paradise: Filming in Thailand, and Play by the Roels: Inside the Production; Extended Scenes; Deleted Scenes; Making the Cut: Deleted Shots Montage. (Review by Bobby Blakey of Big Dumb Gorilla Studios)