News Bites:


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Bob Sapp Cast As Ukafa In Conan!

Anthony Hopkins Has The Rite to Exorcise Demons

Tom Atkins is BACK and Ready to Drive Angry

Dolan's Cadillac - Blu-ray / DVD Details

Ray Park to Breathe Fire in Jinn; Meet Him This Friday in Michigan

See Pegg and Serkis as Burke and Hare

Mickey Rourke Confirmed as Conan's Father

First TV Spot for The Losers

Official Kick-Ass Site Updated

Sean Hood Rewriting Conan

Taylor Lautner Ditches Max Steel In Favor Of Stretch Armstrong

Christopher Nolan Not Yet Confirmed To Guide New Superman

Transformers 3 Will Destroy Chicago And Moscow

New Repo Men Posters: They Encourage You To Drink Irresponsibly