News Bites:


A Brief Update on 'The Crow' Redo, Potential Summer Shoot?

Wes Craven Back Behind-the-Camera for Scream 4! Shooting to Begin Soon!

Cameron: Everyone wants Avatar 2, but it's not a done deal

Twilight's new red-headed hottie vampire revealed


'Woman in the Fifth' a Serial Killer? Is She or Isn't She?

'Something' Discovered in Space... It's a Horror/Comedy!

Author Dennis Lehane Talks 'Shutter Island'!

Amanda Seyfried Frontrunner to Topline Hardwicke's 'The Girl With the Red Riding Hood'?

First Batch of Stills from Filmax's Verite-Inspired 'Exorcismus'

'Disturbia' Villain Gets Revenge in 'Drive Angry 3D'

Robin William's Daughter Zelda Toplines 'Powder Burns'

Threshold Entertainment Lands Fatality on Warners, 'Mortal Kombat' Lawsuit Filed

Warner Bros. Lands Distro for Soderbergh's 'Contagion'

New Hatchet 2 Behind-the-Scenes Image

David Morse to Drive Angry as Well

Rider Strong Talks Cabin Fever, Its Sequel, and Darkening Sky

Anchor Bay Sets Sail Toward Theatrical Release for I Spit on Your Grave Remake

The Wolfman's Rejected Score Surfaces

Sharktopus Plot Details and Dinoshark Image Revealed!

The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega

Day of the Dead Comic Preview

Video Interview With the Brains Behind the Zombies of A.D.

James Cameron says Terminator has 'run its course'

Burned Freddy and the other hottest movie toys of the year

Tron's Cindy Morgan talks: Why she's not in Legacy

Viral Web site has gone live to promote Tron Legacy

Clash of the Titans on set: Bubo, black Pegasus

Superfans: Joss Whedon wants YOU!

Whedon regular Amy Acker teases Cabin in the Woods

There's a new toy in Toy Story 3, and you can own him

The coolest, worst and weirdest new Star Wars toys

First look: Kick-Ass storyboard art!

Behind The Scenes Of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

No More Mr. White In Future Bond Movies?

Tekken Movie Looks Like...Tekken.

Is Jeremy Renner Going To Sink Your Battleship?

G.I. Joe Toys on Patrol

New Alice in Wonderland Featurette

James Cameron To Write An Avatar Novel? Will It Be A Pop-Up 3D Book?

Riddick Vs. Mud Demons And Trisons. Only On PPV!

Cars 2 Now Equipped With Lasseter Muscle Under Its Hood

Defendor Feature Trailer -- Finally

Steven Spielberg on Shooting Tintin

DC Entertainment Names Executive Management Team

Exclusive: Manfredi & Hay on The Boys and R.I.P.D.

Sylvain White Taking His Time with Frank Miller's Ronin

Hopkins on Odin in Thor

The Losers are Returning to April

Avatar Team Meets with Spider-Man Director

Leo Howard Cast as Young Conan

Robert Downey Jr. Visits Toy Fair

Weaving Doesn't Know Much About the Transformers Movies

Atari's Missile Command Likely Becoming A Movie At Fox

Unfinished Graphic Novel Gets Big Screen Deal

Ultimate Spider-Man Writer Involved In Sony's Reboot

Thundercats Ho! Script Leaked, Movie Still Happening?

Twilight: Eclipse Trailer Coming In Front Of Remember Me

Breck Eisner Wants Flash Gordon Without The Camp

Hollywood Returning To The Phantom Tollbooth

G.I. Joe 2 Won't Fix Things That Aren't Broken

Another Round Of Batman 3 Riddler Rumors

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Headed To Theaters

Creator Damon Lindelof Kills Chances of a Second Season of Watchmen