Reesa Is Ready To Cop Out

Veteran cop Jimmy Malone’s daughter is getting married. In order to pay for the wedding, he must sell his prized vintage baseball card. But the card is stolen and Jimmy and his partner Paul must track down a memorabilia obsessed Mexican gangster.

Bruce Willis once more plays his usual wise cracking cop, this time named Jimmy Malone. His daughter, Ava (Michelle Trachtenberg), and ex-wife Pam (Francie Swift) want a big expensive wedding. Pam’s rich new husband and Ava’s step-father, Roy (Jason Lee), is willing to cover the costs which to him is like a weekend in Las Vegas. But Jimmy despises Roy’s condescending attitude and the role he’s trying to replace in his daughter’s life, so he vows to find a way to pay for the cost on his own. That would mean selling his rare vintage Andy Pafko baseball card. While at the store to sell it, a thief named Dave (Seann William Scott) robs the store and takes Jimmy’s card.

Jimmy and his “partner against crime” for the past nine years, Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan), must recover the card. Unfortunately, Paul is distracted by his wife Debbie’s (Rashida Jones) alleged infidelity and he can’t seem to keep his attention on the crime. He also has a weird and somewhat effective habit of reciting movie dialogue when interrogating suspects.

Jimmy and Paul had just been suspended from the department because a set-up to find a drug shipment went south and a Mexican gang member shot up a cell store. They had failed to check with detectives Hunsaker (Kevin Pollak) and his partner, Barry Mangold (Adam Brody), who had a surveillance of the gang operation and it was now blown. Despite their troubles with their department, Jimmy and Paul get Dave out of jail to find out where he sold the card. They track the card to Mexican gang leader Poh Boy (Guillermo Diaz), who collects sports memorabilia. They confront him but are outnumbered by his gang. He tells the buddy team he will return the card if they can find a Mercedes that was stolen. They find the car, but inside the trunk they find
Gabriela (Ana de la Reguera) who has knowledge and evidence of money laundering.

Willis is really the straight man to Morgan’s’ free for all’s while he’s improvising all the different movie characters and dialogue. Morgan is basically the same character in everything he’s done, but this time he has a gun. Seann William Scott steals his scenes as the annoying thief who likes to mimic everything you say. Pollack and Brody were goofy and earnest enough for me to want to see them in their own movie about their detective partnership with differences that don’t mean squat if someone’s got your back.

Kevin Smith, writer and director of Clerks, Dogma and Zack and Mimi was hired to direct his first feature which he didn’t write. It was written by Robb and Mark Cullen, who have mostly worked on TV shows like Las Vegas, Heist and Gary the Rat. The original title of the movie was going to be A Couple of Dicks. They did manage to insert that line in the movie. The story plays like a long sitcom with very raunchy humor and bloody violence. Teens will find it hysterical, but do they really need to see and hear it? People will go because Willis does sell tickets and there’s not much in the theaters at the moment - but then that’s a cop out. (Review by Reesa Cruz Hawkins of Dallas Movie Screenings)

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