Corey Feldman Talks About Corey Haim

Actor Corey Feldman appeared on Larry King Live on Wednesday night to talk about the death of his best friend and co-star in a number of beloved 80's films, Corey Haim. He talks about his disgust of tabloids exploiting actors and not being sensitive to them being real people with real feelings. He also said that he had seen Haim as recently as "three of four days ago" and that "He was Fine." You can check out the interview after the jump.

Feldman also states in the interview that the two were were planning on collaborating together again in a sequel to License to Drive called License to Fly that Haim had been pitching. The late actor had filmed several movies before his death, which included American Sunset. He had last appeared with Feldman very briefly in Lost Boys: The Tribe, which eluded to him possibly showing up in a future sequel as a vampire. Unfortunately, there were problems on the set and his appearance in the upcoming Lost Boys: The Thirst was not to be.

Feldman stated his wishes by saying,"Hopefully, he's going to be remembered as a beautiful, funny, enigmatic character who brought nothing but life and light and entertainment and art to all of our lives."