Dead@17 Movie Gets Director! 10-Page Witch Queen Preview!

Well, it's now official according to MTV. I can finally write about it. Josh Howard's Dead@17 movie adaptation has a director attached. Series creator / artist / writer Howard has stated that Dennis Iliadis will be at the helm of the film. Iliadis is best known as the director of the Last House on the Left remake and also has a a new version of The Birds in development as well. Howard told MTV,

"Last I heard, they had attached Dennis Iliadis as a director...And we've also set up some meetings at some studios that are interested in it. Right now, meetings are taking place with potential writers."

Apparently, Superman Returns scribe Michael Dougherty is not going to be writing the D@17 movie as previously stated. Howard also said that it's currently still unknown if Vanessa Hudgens will star in the film as Nara Kilday.

Also, the first issue of the new Dead@17 comic book series, The Witch Queen, hit shelves today! You should be able to go to your local comic shop and pick it up. In The Witch Queen, Howard tells us that "Basically [at the end of 'Dead@17: Afterbirth'] Nara had to kill her best friend Hazy because she was the holder of the Key to the Abyss and that was the only way to release it. Doing that unleashes the great beast and so Nara has been banished to purgatory and that's where the story in 'Witch Queen' picks up. A little time has passed (since the end of 'Afterbirth'). Nara has been there a while by herself. She lives in a cave and she doesn't really care about the war or anything else. She's just punishing herself for what's she's done. Nara is really down on herself and she has to deal with her past both literally and figuratively. She has to reexamine why she's been fighting and if it's worth going on."

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